Give Your Luck to the Suns

Posted: May 23, 2012

It’s no secret professional sports is full of superstitions.

Lucky socks, special undershirts and unique practice shorts are just a few of the items that players use to get a leg up. But what about you the fan? What lucky items do you have that you use to root on the Suns?

Do you have a special item that you think could bring the team some good fortune, heading into the NBA Draft Lottery on May 30? We’ll select one lucky item, as suggested by fans, to give to Suns Vice President of Player Programs Mark West, as he travels to New York next week to represent the Suns in the annual event, which will be held at the Disney/ABC's Times Square Studios.

Fill out the form below with your suggestion for an item that "Big Daddy" should bring with him, or with a good luck charm that you would be willing to lend the former Suns center.

Who knows? You and your item could go down in Suns history as the reason the team walked away with a top three pick!