Overnight Camp: FAQ

Camp Dates

Tuesday, June 23 - Saturday, June 27, 2020

Where is the campsite located?

800 E. Wolf Creek Road Prescott, AZ 86303

The Phoenix Suns do NOT provide transportation.

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  • Take I-17 North to Highway 69 into Prescott
  • Turn South off of Gurley Street onto Mt. Vernon Street, which becomes Senator Hwy. Travel approx. seven miles
  • Continue on the gravel road for a few yards after the black top ends and watch for the “Pine Summit” sign
  • Turn right and follow the signs to Pine Summit. Parking is free.

How much does it cost?

$525. Room and board will be provided.

(Visa, MC, AMEX) Please make checks payable to Phoenix Suns Basketball Camps.

What should they bring?

  • Towels/Washcloths
  • Soap and personal hygiene items
  • Pillow(s)
  • Sleeping bags are recommended (sheets/blankets otherwise)
  • Clothing: gym shorts, T-shirts, windbreaker, socks, sweat suit and basketball shoes.

*It is highly recommended to mark items with camper’s name*

DO NOT BRING the following items:

  • Watches
  • Radios
  • Televisions
  • CD players or ipods
  • Any other valuable items
  • Baseball caps are not permitted on the court.

Commuting campers should come dressed in standard basketball gear (gym shorts, T-shirts, socks, and basketball shoes) and be ready to play. Baseball hats are not allowed. Please leave all valuables at home.

*We are not responsible for any stolen items during the camp!!*<

What is the cancellation policy?

There will be a $95.00 administration fee for any cancellation prior to June 1. After June 1 there will be NO REFUNDS! Personal checks will NOT be accepted at registration.

How do they separate the kids?

The kids are broken down by age and skill level.

What are the age limits?

Boys and girls between the ages of 8-17.

What type of food is served?

There is a full service kitchen. There are a variety of foods offered for each meal including a salad bar at lunch and dinner.

Where do the campers stay?

The location in Prescott has sleeping quarters on site. There are anywhere from 2-6 kids in a room depending on the size of that particular room. Roommate requests can be made.

How much actual time do the campers spend with people from the Suns?

There will be someone from the Suns organization in attendance at the camp for a few hours per day. The goal of the camp, however, is to better the camper’s skills, not simply to get an autograph from Suns players.

What kind of activities does the camp entail?

There are several games played each day in addition to station work, drills both offensive and defensive, films, and guest speakers. The kids spend the majority of their time playing basketball, but there are ping pong tables, pool tables and kids can rest and relax.

How many campers attend the camp?

Space is limited. There are approximately 280 campers at the camp.

Who does the actual coaching?

Former ASU head coach Bill Frieder directs the coaching of the camp. The coaching staff is made up of former basketball players at high school, collegiate or professional level.

How many adults are in attendance?

There are approximately 30 coaches at the camp, between 5 and 10 administrators, a full time medical staff and a full time security staff throughout the duration of the camp.

What is the TAX ID # for the camp?


Further questions call (602) 594-CAMP or e-mail: Camps@Suns.com


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