Suns Super Fan Travels Around the World to See Suns Live

by Cody Cunningham

Imagine living on the opposite side of the world, 16 hours ahead and still managing to keep up with your favorite NBA team. That’s the life of Phoenix Suns super fan Ema Moon living in South Korea.

Moon first fell in love with the Suns in the early 90’s when NBA basketball as well as Korean basketball began to reach their peak.

“I was in high school,” Moon said. “I really liked Charles Barkley. He’s not tall, he’s kind of chubby, but he’s fast and he’s strong. That’s why I liked basketball more. I tried to play like him.”

From Barkley to Steve Nash to the current era with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, this early memory of basketball has locked him in as a Suns fan for life. While he may face many difficulties staying connected with the Suns due to the timing of games and accessibility to broadcasts, Moon continues to support his team the best he can.

“I like the current team,” Moon said. “They are young. They have style. My favorite one is Josh Jackson because he’s powerful, has nice moves and is just cool.”

Watching the games and keeping up with the Suns is one thing, but Moon and his wife, Shelly Norris, took their fandom to a-whole-nother level following the birth of their daughter.

Her name? Phoenix.

While Norris’ father and brother were born in The Valley and they have local connections, the Suns were the main reason they landed on the name.

“We were actually talking about the Phoenix Suns when we were discussing baby names,” Norris said. “It just crept up and I was like ‘what if we name our kid Phoenix?’ The official word is because my father’s from here, but honestly the conversation was about the Phoenix Suns and that’s where we came up with the name Phoenix. So we decided, boy or a girl, we are going to name our daughter or son Phoenix and it turned out to be a girl.”

A few weeks ago Moon and Norris took the trip from South Korea and arrived in Phoenix to watch the Suns in person, but with help from the Suns and Norris’ sister Erica, they were surprised with so much more.

The upper level tickets that they purchased were upgraded to lower level so they could be right in on the action. They also received goody bags, a stadium tour prior to the game, seats courtside for pregame shootaround, an on-court photo and were able to be a part of the POA autograph corral.

“This is what I was looking forward to my whole life,” Moon said. “It’s amazing. Everything is neat and perfect. People are so generous and kind. I really appreciate it.”

Not only were they able to experience so much beyond the game, the two were also treated to quite a spectacle on the court. They were able to witness Devin Booker make Suns history as he notched his second straight 50-point game to become the first player ever in franchise history to do so.

While they may have traveled back to their hometown in South Korea, the two will continue to cherish the team they grew up loving for years to come. And with a name like Phoenix, it looks they will have a third fan joining them in their support.


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