Suns Recognized Denise Romero in Honor of International Women’s Day

The Phoenix Suns highlighted Basketball Ops and Equipment Manager Denise Romero at halftime on Wednesday to thank her for being a role model throughout the NBA in honor of International Women’s Day.

Romero is the only female Equipment Manager in the entire league as her hard work and dedication has helped guide her through her career that all started as a ball kid in 1997.

At just 13 years old, Romero began volunteering with the Suns as a ball kid and continued doing so for the Suns and Mercury all the way throughout high school.

Following graduation, Romero began working as a Game Night Assistant for the Suns and a Locker Room Assistant for the Mercury. This ultimately led to her becoming the Equipment Manager and Basketball Operations Manager for the Mercury as her focus became primarily on the WNBA.

This was until an assistant position on the Suns equipment side opened up. Romero filled the role where she currently resides as the only female Equipment Manager in the NBA.

“I love that our organization has been so open to me growing with the Suns,” Romero said. “I know I’m currently the only female equipment manager in the NBA and I’m the only female locker room staff member for the Suns. I wish there were more around, but it’s nice to feel open here in a place where I’ve like grown up in. I’m so happy they accept me and they don’t limit me because of that one difference.”

An icon and role model in her positon, Romero is excited to see women continue to grow in basketball as every day more and more break barriers throughout the industry.

“I love seeing and hearing about everyone’s stories,” Romero said. “I feel like it’s so much more vocal now. In the past, there have been women who have worked in basketball ops offices, but it was never talked about or they were never known and I’m happy to see their stories come to light and even more women moving up into those higher positions.”

The Suns showed their appreciation towards their Equipment Manager for all that she does for the organization as they honored her with a customized jersey during halftime on Wednesday's game against the New York Knicks.


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