Diamondbacks Players Show Support for Suns at D-backs Night

Devin Booker David Peralta
by Cody Cunningham

The Phoenix Suns hosted D-backs Night on Thursday as the two downtown Phoenix professional sports franchises came together for a night of special appearances, various games and of course, basketball.

The special night tipped-off with a jersey exchange between Devin Booker and D-backs outfielder David Peralta at center before the game. Both players posed for photos alongside Suns’ mascot Go and D-backs’ mascot Baxter before signing and swapping jerseys.

“I love it,” Peralta said. “Get to know the players in different sports, especially a team here in Arizona. We have to support each other. I’m really happy about today. It’s D-Backs Night so we come here to support everybody.”

Peralta was joined by Adam Jones, Eduardo Escobar, Steven Souza Jr. and Ketel Marte. Not only did the night allow for fans to see some of their favorite players interact with each other, but it also allowed the players to show their support for their fellow Arizona athletes.

“It’s really important because we have to stick together,” Peralta said. “We’re a big family. We’re here in Arizona. We’ve got the Suns, we’ve got the D-backs, Coyotes, we’ve got the Cardinals. We have to stick together because we’re the same family.”

Some of the D-backs put their basketball skills to the test during a break in the action, as Jones and Souza Jr. went head-to-head in a three-point shootout. While Jones may have been crowned the champion, the fans may have been the real winners watching the baseball players launch it from deep.

Fans who purchased a special ticket package for D-backs Night received an exclusive co-branded hat featuring the iconic Suns Sunburst in the D-backs’ classic Sedona Red. The hat and the night were in celebration of #AllAZ and the bond between the downtown Phoenix neighbors.

While the Suns season is coming to an end, Opening Day for the D-backs is just around the corner and Peralta and the rest of his teammates are excited for the season to finally begin.

“I’m ready,” Peralta said. “I can’t wait. That’s enough of Spring Training. I’m ready for the season.”


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