2018-19 Season Rewind: Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette


6 games. 10.8 minutes per game.

3.7 points. 1.3 assists 1.2 rebounds. 

PER 36

12.2 points. 4.4 assists. 3.9 rebounds.


Jimmer Fredette’s biggest game came against a familiar crowd of his in Utah against the Jazz on April 3. Fredette scored 10 points with one rebound, one assist and two steals in his first double-digit scoring game in the NBA in four years.

Jimmer Fredette: Highlights


Fredette’s double-digit performance came in his 53rd game playing at least 20 minutes in his career. Fredette has proved throughout his NBA career that the more opportunity he’s given on the court, the more he performs. Below are his splits playing 20-29 minutes and 30-39 minutes.

20-29 minutes:

48 games played.

11 points. 2.4 assists. 1.7 rebounds.

43.4 FG%. 38.9 3P%. 88.2%.

30-39 minutes:

5 games played.

17.4 points. 3.0 assists. 1.6 rebounds.

44.1 FG%. 50 3P%. 92.3 FT%.

End of Season Interviews: Jimmer Fredette


“I did as well as I could. I came in here and did everything I could to be a good teammate, be a good player and show what I can do on and off the court and be a professional. I tried to be able to show that to the young guys… Just had a good time.” 

WHAT HE WAS ABLE TO PROVE: “Was able to be a good teammate and be a guy that shows how I work everyday and try to bring a winning mentality to the team on and off the floor. Just be the positive guy in the locker room, positive guy in the games and try to go in there and do what I can when I get there." 

SUMMER PLANS: “I’m going to take some time off. Be able to see my family, relax. It’s been a long season for me all over the world. That’s the first thing. Then after that, get back to work. Work on every aspect of the game. Need to get better in, obviously, a lot of areas. All of our team does. I’m excited to get to work, but take some time off first.

WHAT HE LEARNED: “Just to be able to come back in and be able to be back on an NBA floor was great. I hadn’t done that in a long time so to be able to get back and see the flow of the game, see how it works again was something that was fun to me. Take that into the summer to work on things that I need to get better and then we’ll go from there.”


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