Bienvenidos al Valle

The 2023-24 City Edition uniform is a celebration of our Mexican American fanbase and inspired by lowrider cultura. Lowriders were first crafted by Chicanos in the southwest of the U.S. and are a bold statement of cultural pride and identity.

The design process requires meticulous attention to detail, dedication, and a deep commitment to their craft.

Much like lowrider enthusiasts consider the vehicle a canvas for artistic expression, the uniform was similarly approached to integrate pride for our team with our fanbase’s orgullo for la cultura.

El Valle Jersey

Episode V: Ella Puede

Classic cars aren’t just for the men. Meet the women behind one of the only all ladies car club in Phoenix: Ladies First Car Club.

Episode IV: Algo Iconico

Local artist SPAWK takes us through his design of the iconic “PHX” mark that becomes part of the El Valle campaign

Episode III: Inspiración

Local Chicano artist, Miguel Angel Godoy dives into his upbringing and inspiration behind the El Valle uniform.

Episode II: Bajito y Suavecito II

“Bella” is finally complete as Bugs reflects on his journey over the past 60 days and ultimately unveils the vehicle to the Suns.

Episode I: Bajito y Suavecito

Meet Bugs, the designer behind the El Valle vehicle “Bella” (Be-ya) as he takes us through the design process and the dedication needed to complete a year-long project in 60 days.


Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Uniform

The El Valle uniform and program was crafted to inspire pride in our fanbase's raízes.

Meet Bella. (be·ya)

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