Phoenix Suns Draft History Quiz Results

by Cody Cunningham

Q: What pick did the Suns select Devin Booker with?

A: The Suns used the 13th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft to select Devin Booker.

Q: What year did the Suns draft Steve Nash?

A: The Suns drafted Steve Nash 15th overall in the 1996 NBA Draft.

Q: How many times in franchise history have the Suns held the first overall pick?

A: The Suns have never held the first overall pick.

Q: Which one of these player did the Suns not draft?

A: The Suns technically did not draft Marquese Chriss. He was involved in a trade with Sacramento. George Gervin (1974), Stephen Jackson (1997) and Marcin Gortat (2005) were all drafted by the Suns.

Q: How many Rookie of the Year’s have the Suns drafted?

A: The Suns have drafted three players who have won Rookie of the Year: Alvan Adams, Walter Davis and Amare’ Stoudemire.

Q: What’s the most picks the Suns have ever had in a single draft?

A: The Suns held 22 picks in the 1969 NBA Draft. That season there were 20 rounds and the Suns had two extra third round picks.

Q: Which school have the Suns drafted the most players from?

A: The Suns have selected the most players from Arizona State University (11) with Kentucky (7) coming in second place.

Q: How many members of the Suns Ring of Honor did the Suns draft?

A: Out of the 15 members of the Suns Ring of Honor, the Suns drafted four players: Alvan Adams, Walter Davis, Steve Nash and Dan Majerle.

Q: What school did the Suns draft T.J. Warren out of?

A: T.J. Warren was drafted from North Carolina State.

Q: The Suns hold the 4th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Which of these players was NOT selected 4th overall?

A: Walter Davis was drafted fifth overall. Dragan Bender (2016), Alvan Adams (1975) and Corky Calhoun (1972) were all drafted fourth overall.

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