Phoenix Suns

201 East Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: (602) 379-2000



Executive Team

  • Jason Rowley: President & CEO
  • Jim Pitman: Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ralph Marchetta: General Manager, Sports & Entertainment Services & SVP, Ticket Operations
  • Dan Costello: Chief Revenue Officer & SVP, Business Innovation
  • Dean Stoyer: Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
  • Melissa Goldenberg: SVP & General Counsel
  • Karen Rausch: SVP, People Experience
  • Tom Fletcher: SVP, Marketing Partnerships
  • Brooke Campbell: VP, Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • Kyle Pottinger: SVP, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Aaron Jerz: SVP, Finance & Business Intelligence

Basketball Operations

  • James Jones: General Manager
  • Jeff Bower: Senior VP of Basketball Operations
  • Trevor Bukstein: Assistant General Manager
  • Monty Williams: Head Coach
  • Willie Green: Assistant Coach
  • Mark Bryant: Assistant Coach
  • Randy Ayers: Assistant Coach
  • Brady Howe: Sr. Director of Health & Performance
  • David Crewe: Director, Medical Services,Head Athletic Trainer
  • Riccardo Fois: Director of Player Development
  • Ben Strong: Player Development Coach
  • Ryan Frazier: Head Video Coordinator
  • Billy Donovan III: Assistant Video Coordinator
  • Cory Schlesinger: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Frank Adams: Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Adam Loiacono: Director, Rehabilitation
  • Kohei Tamagawa: Sports Scientist, Strength Coach
  • Jay Gaspar: Manager of Equipment Operations
  • Denise Romero: Equipment Operations Assistant
  • Bubba Burrage: Director, Player Personnel
  • Max Cayard: Director of Team Security
  • Anthony Neely: Team Security Associate
  • Mark Spencer: Team Security Associate
  • John Shumate: Ambassador, Alumni Relations
  • Patrick Zipfel: Advanced Scout
  • Matthew Massimino: Basketball Strategy & Evaluation Analyst
  • Yale Kim: Basketball Information Coordinator
  • Ryan Resch: Director of Basketball Strategy
  • Jesse Held: Basketball Strategy & Research Analyst
  • Hiroki Witt: Basketball Strategy & Research Analyst
  • Vince Kozar: Chief Operating Officer Phoenix Mercury
  • Mark West: Vice President, Alumni Relations
  • Zachary Amundson: Basketball Strategy & Evaluation Analyst
  • Nicole Swanigan: Executive Assistant, Basketball Operations/GM

Northern Arizona Suns

  • Jeff Feld: General Manager, NAZ Suns
  • Ashley Stovall: Director, Business Operations
  • Shanice Johnson: Head Athletic Trainer
  • Clifton Spiller: Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Jacob Withee: Basketball Communications Assistant

Medical Staff

  • Dr. Tom Carter: Head Team Physician (Orthopedist)
  • Dr. Tom Fiel: Team Physician (Internal Medicine)
  • Dr. Tim Byrne: Cardiologist
  • Dr. Monte Hessler: Chiropractor
  • Dr. John Badolato: Dentist
  • Dr. William Ko: Dermatologist
  • Dr. Jay Schwartz: Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Ryan Rehl: Otolaryngology (ENT)
  • Dr. Ryan Golub: Podiatrist
  • Jay McCoy: Psychiatrist
  • Dr. V "Bob" Evani: Surgeon


  • Alex Hardman: Business Intelligence & CRM Sr. Manager
  • Brandon Moyer: Business Intelligence & CRM Sr. Manager
  • Alexandria Forbes: Sr. CRM Analyst
  • Kelsey Pavesic: Sr. Reporting Analyst
  • Melanie Whisler: Sr. Analyst, Business Intelligence
  • Melissa Koop: CRM Analyst
  • Adnan Gumel: CRM Analyst
  • Michael Contino: CRM Analyst
  • Frederic Rewoldt: Business Intelligence Coordinator
  • Ty Walters: Data Scientist, Analyst

Administrative Staff/Executive Staff

  • Jacqueline Alonzo: Executive Assistant to the Managing Partner, President, Basketball Operations, & General Manager
  • Gerri Sandy: Manager, Administrative Services
  • Anna Giroux: Manager, Legal Affairs
  • Hope Dimberg: Executive Assistant
  • Tracy Cota: Executive Assistant
  • Lillie Moore: Administrative Assistant
  • Ceola Coaston: Suns Receptionist
  • Jan Forshee: Suns Receptionist
  • Jason Shelley: Staff Assistant

Brand Communications

  • Julie Fie: Vice President, Basketball Communications
  • D.C. Headley: Basketball Communications Manager
  • Cole Mickelson: Senior Basketball Communications Manager
  • Palmer Black: Administrative Assistant
  • Bryce Marsee: Mercury Basketball Communication Manager
  • Mychael Ramirez: Coordinator, Business Communications

Global Partnership Solutions

  • Harvey Shank: Sr. Executive Vice President
  • Doug Chisholm: Vice President of Activation View profile on LinkedIn
  • Gary Treangen: VP, Sales and Operations
  • Betsy Hechtner: Activation Manager
  • Courtney Hayes: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Kara Galloway: Activation Manager
  • Stephanie Lovingood: Sr. Activation Manager View profile on LinkedIn
  • Nicole Strunks: Director, Activation
  • Gabrielle Munoz: Activation Manager
  • Sherrick Bader: Promotions Coordinator
  • Trina Sims: Administrative Assistant
  • Mike Akers: Sr. Sales Manager
  • Sean Fullam: Account Executive
  • Benicia Thompson: Broadcast Traffic Manager

Suns Productions

  • Dan Siekmann: Vice President, Broadcast Productions
  • Bob Adlhoch: Executive Producer/Director
  • Marc Goldberg: Sr. Producer/PreGame Broadcast
  • David Hughes: Senior Producer
  • Paden Wigness: Pre-Game Show Producer
  • David Grapentine: Sr. Videographer
  • Tommy Arguelles: Sr. Editor
  • Ryan Bafaloukos: Production Assistant

Sales & Service

  • Kyle Pottinger: SVP, Ticket Sales & Services View profile on LinkedIn
  • Matthew Salata: Director, Business Development & Premium Sales View profile on LinkedIn
  • Ari Richman: Manager, Sales & Strategy View profile on LinkedIn
  • Marc Kulbersh: Business Innovation & Strategic Partnerships Manager View profile on LinkedIn
  • Courtney Giovanni: Manager, Special Events View profile on LinkedIn

Premium Team

  • Spencer Cherney: Sr. Manager, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Bobby Phelps: Manager, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Melissa Fender: Sr. Premium Experience Manager View profile on LinkedIn
  • Michael Pettit: Premium Experience Manager View profile on LinkedIn
  • Aaron Kelly: Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service View profile on LinkedIn
  • Geoffrey Budoff: Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service View profile on LinkedIn
  • Hillary McDonald: Account Executive, Premium Experience View profile on LinkedIn
  • Kgai Jones: Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service View profile on LinkedIn
  • Troy Snead: Account Executive, Premium Experience View profile on LinkedIn
  • Wesley Rouse: Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service View profile on LinkedIn


  • Eric Little: Sr. Director, Ticket Sales, Service, & Strategy View profile on LinkedIn
  • Adam Metzendorf: Director, Membership Experience & Arena Sports Group View profile on LinkedIn
  • Donald Grady: Account Executive, Membership Experience View profile on LinkedIn
  • JT Holloway: Account Executive, Membership Experience View profile on LinkedIn
  • Maisey Gillies: Account Executive, Membership Experience View profile on LinkedIn
  • Zach Wendel: Account Executive, Membership Experience View profile on LinkedIn

Business Development

  • Joshua Strumlauf: Manager, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Nick Matranga: Manager, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Alex Wagner: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Andrew Valdez: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Connor Sprague: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Cory Tollefson: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Katie Carter: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Logan Brown: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Noah ONeil: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Rohan Reddy: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn
  • Schuler Ravencraft: Account Executive, Business Development
  • Skyler Roope: Account Executive, Business Development View profile on LinkedIn

Social Responsibility & Phoenix Suns Charities

  • Sarah Krahenbuhl: Vice President, Social Responsibility and Executive Director, Phoenix Suns Charities
  • Margarita Cortez: Operations & Programs Manager
  • Holly Mercier: Operations & Programs Coordinator
  • Shaquin Albrow: Sr. Coordinator, Community & Player Programs
  • Josh Clark: Coordinator, Community & Player Programs

Youth Programs

  • Mark Gretter: Program Director, Jr. Suns/Jr. Mercury

Game Presentation

  • Jeraldine Salais: Game Presentation Manager
  • Sumer Meyer: Sr. Entertainment Manager
  • Taylor Griffin: Game Presentation Manager
  • Bob Woolf: Mascot Coordinator
  • Isabel Guerra: Entertainment Coordinator


  • Graham Wincott: Sr. Director, Marketing
  • DJ Downs: Marketing Manager, MP
  • Ava Taylor: Senior Marketing Manager
  • Steven Kargol: Arena Marketing Manager
  • Gerry Mildenberger: Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Ticket Sales
  • Sydney Heppner: Email Design Specialist
  • Chelsea Chaidez: Marketing Coordinator
  • Zach Reinarman: Marketing Coordinator

Centercourt Studios

  • Jake Knapp: Sr. Manager, Content Operations
  • Nick Williams: Sr. Manager, Content Production
  • Chris Grasha: Creative Lead
  • Kevin Bonham: Sr. Creative Content Designer
  • Bob Weinerth: Creative Content Videographer/Producer
  • Katryna Seki: Creative Content Producer
  • Chris Mead: Producer, Suns Vision
  • Chris Price: Creative Content Sr. Producer
  • Alecia Barrett: Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Jamie Thomasian: Project Manager, Creative Services
  • Daniel Kwon: Social Media Graphic Designer
  • Jacob Nevill: Associate Designer

Suns Social

  • Allison Harissis: Sr. Manager, Social Media
  • Cody Cunningham: Social Media Specialist
  • Tana Hughes: Social Media Specialist

Suns Digital

  • Keith Detwiler: Vice President, Digital Growth, Engagement and Strategy
  • Arvind Navaratnasingham: Sr. Digital Web Developer
  • Sam Harvey: Digital Web Developer View profile on LinkedIn
  • Andrew Trinidad: Digital Service Architect
  • Sean Haspel: Digital Service Architect, MP


  • Ann Meyers Drysdale: Vice President Suns and Mercury
  • Kevin Ray: Play-by-Play
  • Tom Chambers: Studio Host & TV Analyst
  • Tom Leander: Studio Host
  • Eddie Johnson: Color Analyst


  • Al McCoy: Sr. VP of Broadcasting
  • Tim Kempton: Color Analyst
  • Ivan Valenzuela: KSUN 1400 AM (Spanish), Play-by-Play
  • Arturo Ochoa: Color Analyst

Information Technology

  • Steve Reese: Vice President,Chief Information Officer
  • Paul Scott: Director, Information Technology
  • Michelle Cassata: Help Desk Dispatcher
  • Kevin Pires: User Support Technician
  • Rick Garcia, Database Administrator
  • Joseph Salas: Desktop Support Specialist
  • Aaron Prestwood: Business Systems Analyst
  • Anthony Grande: Sr. Systems and IT Network Administrator


  • Sheila Yammer: Sr. Director, Payroll Services
  • Kerby Schmidt: Sr Accountant
  • Anna Heffron: Payroll Accounting Analyst
  • Jaymi Harper: Payroll Accounting Analyst
  • William McFarland: Payroll Specialist
  • Traci Washington: Payroll Specialist
  • Jed Richmond: Arena Sports Group, Account Manager
  • Jennifer Couvreur: Staff Accountant
  • Elizabeth Maxwell: Staff Accountant
  • Sandra Vega: Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Christi Shurwin: Accounts Payable Manager
  • David Montgomery: Controller


Arena Operations

  • Alvan Adams: Vice President, Facility Management
  • Brian Polokoff: Director, Event Operations
  • Alisa Nakashima: Director, Event Services
  • Anthony Lee: Sr. Conversion Manager
  • Ruth Stamp-Shepard: Facilities Management Coordinator
  • Sarah Schock: VP, Booking & Event Production
  • Marlo McKinley: Director, Event Production
  • Ashley Moore: Event Manager
  • Nanette O'Dell: Disability Services Manager
  • Jerry Medina: Director of Engineering
  • Trent Dutry: Suite Services Manager
  • Caleb Van Hovel: Event Services Manager
  • Shelbi Guerrero: Event Coordinator
  • Rene Gonzales: Senior Events Crew Manager
  • Paulene Schonaerts: Sr. Manager, Event Security
  • Emmett Baylor III: Director, Security
  • Jon Bloom: Safety Manager/K9 Handler
  • David Rowley: Security Manager
  • Francoise Chrisholm - Safety & Security Coordinator
  • Woodie Browder: Director, Traffic Support Services
  • Mayra Bermudez: Traffic Support Services Administrative Assistant
  • J.D. Hanna: Assistant Director, Traffic Support Services
  • Mark Dora: Traffic Support Service Manager
  • Bob Zobel: Traffic Support Service Manager
  • Veronica Aguilera: Traffic Support Coordinator
  • Vicky Huff: Traffic Support Services
  • David Case: Mail and Print Center Manager
  • Alex Dangmuk: Mail Center Technician
  • Jesse Echavarria: Mail Center Technician
  • Jimmie Barr: Receiving Technician

Ticket Operations

  • Daren Mitch: Vice President, Ticket Operations
  • Jason Sanchez, Director, Arena Sports Ticketing
  • Sean Stilwell: Director, Arena Events Ticketing
  • Adam Somers: Director, Phoenix Suns Ticketing
  • Jason Chey: Assistant Director, Ticket Operations
  • Eddie Flores: Assistant Manager, Arena Events Ticketing
  • Esther Wojtulewicz: SeasonTicket Account Manager
  • Paulene Tullie: Ticket Office Accounting Supervisor
  • Daniel Serna: Ticket Manager, Arena Events Ticketing
  • Stephanie Ostos: Assistant Ticket Manager
  • Wende Barr: Assistant Ticket Manager
  • Kaitlyn Heber: Arena Sports Ticket Manager
  • Robert Rodriguez: Ticket Office Coordinator
  • Julieta Serna: Accounting Clerk

Human Resources

  • Jennifer Degasis: Sr. HR Coordinator
  • Yolanda Mendez: HR Manager
  • Adam Adam: Human Resources Assistant

Guest Experience

  • Chelsea Donovan: Coordinator, Guest Experence
  • Kami Testa: Director, Guest Experience


  • Gary Gillespie: Director, Audio Visual Technology
  • Rob Hart: Audio Visual Engineer
  • Jordan Bell: Audio Visual Engineer
  • Bradley Dilley: Audio Visual Technician
  • Jason Selner: Chief Technical Engineer
  • Brian Beachy: A1 Audio Engineer
  • Chuck Krammer: Audio Visual Engineer
  • Gregory Ralbovsky: Director, Suns Vision

Game Night Personnel, Assistants and Statistical Crew

  • Barry Gossage: NBA Photos
  • Anthony Gonzales: NBA Photos Assistant
  • Fred Ciarico: Official Timer
  • Dana Smith: Official Timer
  • Vince Marotta: PA Announcer:
  • Mike Orcutt: 24-Second Clock Operator
  • Barry Ringel: Clock & Scoreboard Operators
  • Jim Poquette: Clock & Scoreboard Operators
  • Jim Heck: Clock & Scoreboard Operators
  • Mike Lange: Clock & Scoreboard Operators
  • Rick Showers: Scoreboard Operator
  • Ron Amstutz: Director, Statistical IDS
  • Floyd Agosta: Statistics Crew
  • Brian Hill: Statistics Crew
  • Jeff Hosterman: Statistics Crew
  • Tyler Barton: Statistics Crew
  • Keith Zaborski: Statistics Crew
  • Drew Raskin: Statistics Crew
  • Michael Brenner: Broadcast Statistician
  • Jim Brewer: Broadcast Statistician
  • Eric Hodgson: Broadcast Statistician
  • Jeff Stanlis: Broadcast Statistician
  • Marcy Cookman: Press Room Host
  • Jerry Heck: Official Scorer
  • Mariah Bates: Game Night Assistants
  • Lori Cook: Game Night Assistants
  • Olivia Kuby: Game Night Assistants
  • Brad Sherman: Game Night Assistants

Other Information

  • Home Court: Talking Stick Resort Arena (18,422), opened 1992
  • Address: 201 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • Game Times: 7 p.m., 6 p.m. on Sundays (most games)
  • Team Colors: Purple, Orange, Black & Gray
  • Ticket Office: (602) 379-7867
  • Executive Office: (602) 379-7900
  • Executive Office FAX: (602) 379-7990
  • Basketball Communications: (602) 379-7920
  • Basketball Communications FAX: (602) 379-7908
  • Business Communications: (602) 379-7915
  • Talking Stick Resort Arena Executive Office: (602) 379-2000

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