Devin Booker Featured in SLAM Magazine

The high intensity displayed by Devin Booker night in and night out is gaining a bit of popularity around the League. His competitive drive towards greatness is drawing the attention of the basketball cognoscenti and even All-World players (see KD and LeBron) are tagging him as "Next." Our friends at SLAM Magazine have also recognized Devin’s desire to be one of the great ones and have featured him in a cover story for their “Hustler’s Ambition” issue. 

From Devin in SLAM Magazine:

“I think people just respect the competitive nature. When I play against guys who are in college or when I go to pick-up games, I respect the kids that go right at me. From competitor to competitor, I know the respect. When I go against [the superstars], there’s a fire in my eye, ’cause those are the top guys in the League, and that’s the position I’m trying to get in. Every time I get a chance to play against those guys, I’m not backing down.”

The SLAM Magazine feature can be read in its entirety here.