Suns Pay Homage to Mexican Culture with Los Suns-Inspired Mural

Los Suns
by Cody Cunningham

The Phoenix Suns will debut their Los Suns City Edition uniforms on Friday night against the Orlando Magic, but before releasing it on the court, they put it on display in downtown Phoenix, providing a different meaning for “in the paint.” 

Longtime downtown Phoenix resident and local artist Lalo Cota has created murals throughout the Valley for 30 years and this week he teamed up with the Phoenix Suns to help further tie the organization to the community that supports it.

“The main inspiration for my work is Mexican folklore and surrealism,” Cota said. “That’s why when the Phoenix Suns asked about doing something for their Los Suns brand, it was second nature to me.” 

Cota was able to mix his style influenced with Mexican culture as well as his admiration towards the Suns to design a Los Suns mural in the Roosevelt Row Art District on the east side of Carly’s Bistro (128 E. Roosevelt on the NW corner of East Roosevelt and North Second Streets). 

“The Suns have historically worn ‘Los Suns’, and showcased their ties to the Mexican community,” Cota said. “It pays homage to it and I’m proud to be a part of that.” 

The mural features a skeleton inspired by Devin Booker in the Suns new City Edition uniform with a silhouette of the skyline of downtown Phoenix at sunset in the background. Booker was a source of inspiration for Cota, given his Mexican heritage and the natural tie to the makeup of the community.

The Suns will hit the court sporting “Los Suns” across their chess on Friday night, but the mural is already on display in the heart of Phoenix. Suns fans and art lovers alike are encouraged to take a photo in front of the mural and post on social media using the hashtag #LosSuns for a chance to win tickets to Friday’s game.


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