Students Receive Sneak Peek at Suns At 50 History Exhibit

Alvan Adams State Capitol Exhibit
by Cody Cunningham

Dunbar Elementary students received a unique and fun opportunity to get a sneak peek at the Suns at 50 History Exhibit at the Arizona Capitol Museum.

Although the exhibit does not open to the general public until Wednesday, Oct. 25, the students were treated to a special tour with Suns Ring of Honor member Alvan Adams.

“We’re extremely excited to unveil a special Phoenix Suns exhibit in our Capitol Museum,” Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan said. “For the past fifty years, our Suns have woven themselves into the fabric of Arizona and their growth and popularity mimics that of our great state.  We’re grateful for the unique opportunity to showcase the history of the state’s original professional sports franchise.”

The museum features game-worn jerseys, autographed shoes and historic Suns memorabilia and helps showcase the team’s rich history and tradition. The exhibit allows for kids to experience a fun way to learn about the 50-years of the organization.

“I think kids are really going to love this exhibit,” Reagan said. “It’s obviously very colorful. Tons of pictures, tons of history, tons of stories. A lot of these kids, the Suns might be something new to them. It’s fun to see some of the older uniforms and see some of the older players.”

Just down the road from Talking Stick Resort Arena, the Suns at 50 History Exhibit helps highlights the close bond between the entire Phoenix Suns organization  and the Arizona community.

“This exhibit was part of a new partnership in showcasing what some of the teams are doing for our state and for our economy,” Reagan said. “The Phoenix Suns have meant immeasurable things to the state of Arizona. Obviously, we appreciate the energy and excitement of having a team like the Suns, but they have also contributed a lot of money to worthy causes in the community. They are just an integral part of our community.”

Admission to the Arizona Capitol Museum and Suns at 50 History Exhibit is free and open to the public, but donations are appreciated. All donations go toward funding museum exhibits, education and programs. 


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