Phoenix Suns Charities Help Keep Mother’s Day Tradition Alive at Chicanos Por La Causa Colores Shelter

by Sean Gale

For 34 years, Chicanos Por La Causa De Colores Shelter has hosted a special Mother’s Day celebration each year to honor the brave and loving mothers in their community. The annual event features food, gifts and plenty of social activities for the women and their families and serves as a platform to strengthen the unique bonds among them.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately forced Chicanos Por La Causa De Colores Shelter to cancel their Mother’s Day celebration.

“When we sent the word out that unfortunately because of COVID-19 we were going to have to cancel it, we got a great call from Phoenix Suns Charities who said, ‘Hey, let’s do something! Let’s not cancel it completely’” said Chicanos Por La Causa President and CEO David Adame. 

During these difficult times, Phoenix Suns Charities identified an opportunity to keep the tradition alive and ensure that all the moms throughout their community felt recognized, admired and appreciated on Mother’s Day this year.

Suns representatives made a special visit to Chicanos Por La Causa De Colores Shelter on Friday to deliver a creative Mother’s Day experience for 65 residents, while adhering to COVID-19 safety precautions the nonprofit has implemented since mid-March. The mothers were gifted bouquets from Fry’s Food Stores, See’s Candies and Suns swag items and their families were also treated to a delicious meal catered by Paz Cantina.

“We knew that moms need to be celebrated, especially right now with all the things they’re doing at home with keeping their families together and doing schoolwork,” said Suns Vice President of Social Responsibility and Executive Director of Phoenix Suns Charities Sarah Krahenbuhl.  “We knew that now is not the time to go cancelling Mother’s Day.”


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