Suns Charities $25K Charity Challenge

Phoenix Suns are proud to be entering our 5th successful season of 'Charity Challenge', an initiative where one local non-profit will receive a $25,000 grant from Phoenix Suns Charities.

The Phoenix Suns Player Ticket Program provides nonprofit organizations, schools, community groups and charitable organizations the opportunity to enjoy a Suns game during the 2018-19 season.
  • Organizations choose from games listed below and have the opportunity to request blocks of 50 tickets per game (up to 150 tickets per game)
  • For each ticket allotment received, 90% redemption must be achieved for a chance to win the $25,000 grant.
  • Once qualified, the organization's 2-sentence mission or program description will be posted on for fan vote.
  • If the organization receives more than one entry by achieving 90% redemption on more than one ticket allotment, their votes will be multiplied. For example, if the organization uses 90% of 3 ticket allotments, and receives 12 votes, they will actually be counted as 36 votes. Rules and Regulations.
  • PLEASE NOTE – These tickets are for nonprofit organizations, schools, community groups and charitable organizations only. Individual requests will not be considered.
  • Submitting an online request does not guarantee that your organization will receive a ticket donation.
  • If your application is accepted, your organization will be contacted as tickets are available.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Each group's ticket usage will be tracked. Failure to use 70% of the tickets provided may result in denial of future requests.
  • Tuesday 1/22
    vs Timberwolves
  • Thursday 1/24
    vs Trailblazers
  • Saturday 2/2
    vs Hawks
  • Monday 2/4
    vs Rockets
  • Friday 2/8
    vs Warriors
  • Friday 3/1
    vs Pelicans
  • Saturday 3/2
    vs Lakers
  • Monday 3/4
    vs Bucks
  • Wednesday 3/6
    vs Knicks
  • Wednesday 3/13
    vs Jazz
  • Monday 3/18
    vs Bulls
  • Thursday 3/21
  • Wednesday 3/27
    vs Wizards
  • Saturday 3/30
    vs Grizzlies
  • Monday 4/1
    vs Cavaliers
  • Wednesday 4/3
    vs Pelicans

Grants from Phoenix Suns Charities may be issued to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations in Arizona (in good standing for a minimum of 3 years) whose mission is to further the welfare and well-being of the children and families of Arizona.


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