To offer a platform for energized business professionals within the community to network amongst their peers while providing an opportunity to collectively give back through the philanthropic power of the Phoenix Suns Charities.

Suns Charities 88 was created in 2012 to offer a platform for energized business professionals across the Phoenix Metroplex to network amongst their peers. This powerful group comprised of 88 professionals, work collectively to give back to our community through the philanthropic power of Phoenix Suns Charities. The combined efforts of Suns Charities 88 members creates a forum for networking, professional development, philanthropic and fundraising opportunities that simultaneously creates a community minded, connected workforce across the Valley.

Each "season", which runs July 1 – June 30, members receive four opportunities to come together as a group. The opportunities include events such as an arena tour, breakfast at The Verizon Performance Center, game night with the Suns, or happy hour with a Suns celebrity. Outside of the four planned events, members are encouraged to connect with fellow members.

Each season, 25 business professionals are invited to join SC88. The intimacy of the group is to create meaningful relationships among members with the purpose of impacting the community by building strong connections to do better!

Inclusive of the $988 membership dues, SC88 members are required to "give or get" a donation to Suns Charities in the amount of $10,000. This can be done through obtaining auction items, selling tables to the annual fundraiser, or by recruiting other donors!

Members are selected by years in their career, community service, and career diversity.

To learn more, or to become a member, please email Sarah Krahenbuhl;

Click here for a full list of 2020/2021 members.


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