Phoenix Suns Charities Learning Center, Innovated by Verizon

Phoenix Suns Charities opened the doors to the Phoenix Suns Charities Learning Center, innovated by Verizon at the Phoenix Dream Center with a special ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday.

“The center will be used immediately,” Executive Director of Phoenix Dream Center Brian Steele said. “In fact, they had Relationship Building classes in there last night that helps the young women re-learn how positive relationships work with family members, co-workers, children, friends and other residents.”

The project, which was possible through a $100,000 grant from Phoenix Suns Charities to the Phoenix Dream Center, will provide services and resources to hundreds of rescued sex trafficking victims.

Verizon contributed an additional $40,000 to the renovation, inclusive of a $20,000 grant along with technology and network connectivity for the space.

“Verizon's very gracious gift has allowed the expansion of the type and scale of education services we are able to offer by infusing technology into the class curriculum,” Steele said. “We now have access to art and emotion based therapeutic apps and programs that we previously did not, and this is because of the tablets, better internet services, and tele-education abilities.”

The Suns are celebrating their 50th season in the Valley and are advancing the legacy of assisting the community by participating in a number of events that help support local nonprofit organizations.