What Troy Daniels Brings to the Phoenix Suns Lineup

by Cody Cunningham

When the Suns traded for Troy Daniels, they not only received a knock-down three-point shooter, but a player whose game can help stretch the court for his teammates.

Daniels is going into his fifth season and is coming off a career-high in minutes played and his best scoring average in a full season.

He’s lights out from beyond the arc, shooting over 40 percent from deep for his career. With three-point shooting becoming more and more essential every season, Head Coach Earl Watson knows how much of an impact Daniels can have for the Suns.

“His three-point shooting is desperately needed,” Watson said. “He stretches the court and he becomes a better compliment next to [Devin Booker] or Tyler [Ulis] or even [Eric} Bledsoe.”

A highly efficient three-point shooter like Daniels not only forces the defense to respect the shooter, but also opens up the court for the rest of the team.

“I think it’s extremely important,” Marquese Chriss said. “I think it helps everybody on the floor to have a shooter. I think it spaces the floor for the guards and the bigs. It just opens up everything.”

The Suns already have a high-volume scorer in Devin Booker, but put another strong shooter next to him and the the defense may be in some trouble.

“That can be scary,” Daniels said about the idea of playing with Booker. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

As training camp continues, Daniels is getting settled in to playing with his new teammates and adjusting to his new role in a Suns uniform.

“I think Phoenix is in a great place,” Daniels said. “I think they have some great young players. So I’m looking forward to playing with those guys.”