Suns Retorter: Grantland Markieff Morris Fan Club?

While the local love for Markieff Morris has been burning brighter than sun in July for awhile now, the national love has started to roll in for the elder Morris. The fourth year power forward is becoming one of Grantland’s favorites as first the head honcho, one Bill Simmons, gave a glowing review to his game last week and this week Zach Lowe hopped aboard the train. There hasn’t been this much Morris love nationally since the heyday of Saved By The Bell.

Lowe, who like Simmons and pretty much every other national writer, had been skeptical of the Suns and Morris just a mere 16 months ago has dramatically changed his tune. (He said of last season "it’s going to be ugly overall.") In his Monday column he named Markieff one of the 10 things he likes in the Association right now.

Morris is developing into one of the finest all-around young big men in the game, and he has broken out already as the Suns’ best crunch-time option.

Lowe went on to point out that Markieff has the “third-best shooting percentage in the final three minutes of games.” Which he’d have already known if he just followed’s simple Markieff Morris Crunch Time Flow Chart.

While Markieff Morris and the Suns continue to gain national acclaim, you have to wonder how long before that talk turns into potential votes for Most Improved Player for the burgeoning young big man from these same national writers.