Suns' Josh Jackson Got It From His Mama

Josh Jackson has had quite a journey to where he is today. From being ranked the number one prospect coming out of high school to the Suns drafting him fourth overall this summer, he has had one person by his side the entire time: his mother.

“Growing up as a kid she’s the one who really got me around the game, got me into playing,” Jackson said.

When asked who his biggest influence in his life is, he instantly jumped in and said his mom, Apples Jones. Now many athletes credit their parents for helping them off the court, but Jones had no problem joining Jackson on the court as well.

“She played a huge part in my development as a player,” Jackson said. “Taught me a lot of things still to this day…teaches me things on the court.”

Jackson wears number 20 on his jersey in honor of his mother’s old number and is definitely a fan of her game.

“My mom was cold back in the day,” Jackson said. “She’s still got little news clips of her back in high school, college scoring 50, 60. I look at her and I’m like yeah you’re my mom. You’re definitely my mom.”

Known as an extremely versatile player, Jackson sees the resemblance in the way he plays in comparison to his mother.

“She did some of everything kind of like myself,” Jackson said. “She was just a player who did it all. Rebound, pass, shoot, drive to the hole.”

Jackson admits that although they may not always agree on her basketball advice, nine times out of ten, she’s right.

“Last year she spent the whole year critiquing free throws,” Jackson said. “She teaches me other things like coming up into this year before I got drafted one of the things I really struggled with was staying low to the ball when I was dribbling and I never really thought about it until she brought it up. It made perfect sense.”

As Jackson gears up for his rookie season, he knows his mom will be there to support him at all times and although she’s not much into texting, she will “hop on a flight quick.”