Suns Fans Launch Devin Booker Into Space

by Cody Cunningham

Devin Booker’s play has been out of this world this season as he’s dropped 70 points against the Celtics, hit multiple buzzer-beaters and had his jersey put into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. On March 31, the 20-year-old shooting guard went where no other NBA player has gone before… outer space.

Okay, maybe not quite.

Pinnacle High School’s Mike Vargas and his physics class had received a $2,500 STEM mini-grant in the fall from APS and the Phoenix Suns and used it on a class science project.

According to, Vargas and his students “launched a helium weather balloon and attached payload into near space, where it reached 97,000 feet.” The payload consisted of GPS tracking equipment, a GoPro and a cutout image of Devin Booker.

“The goal of every mission is to get a photo of the curve of the earth and gather measurable data for our students to analyze, and we did it,” Vargas said. “The STEM mini-grant program is incredible and made a huge difference on campus with our kids…thanks to APS and the Phoenix Suns for your support!”