SLAM: D-Book is a Superstar in the Making

by Cody Cunningham

Many sports outlets such as and have been releasing their rankings of the top players in the NBA. is the most recent to join in on the trend.

Devin Booker was rated 64 by SI and 60 by ESPN, but SLAM seems to heavily disagree where the 20-year-old should be ranked.

They listed Booker as the 30th best players in the NBA based on expected contribution in 2017-18 to players’ team, the NBA and the game.

SLAM compliments his 70-point game, his high production at such a young age and his comparisons to perennial All-Star Bradley Beal. With all that said, one of their main reasons for ranking Booker so high on the list was due to the praise he has received throughout the league from multiple future Hall of Famers.

Kevin Durant: “You better watch out for that boy because he is nice. He next – I’m telling you.”

LeBron James: “[Booker is a] really, really, really good, All-Star player.”

Dwayne Wade: “[Booker is] one of the future [top] 2-guards in this league.”

Booker is entering just his third season in the NBA and has jumped on this list from number 47 last year to 30 this year. SLAM understands some might think this ranking is high, but they seem to have full faith in the up-and-coming shooting guard.

“Go ahead and pick apart Devin Booker’s flaws,” wrote. “Chances are he’s already two steps ahead, finding ways to get better.”