Morris Twins Get Fan-Decided Tattoos

Getty Images
by Matt Petersen

Remember back when Suns forwards Markieff and Marcus Morris asked fans to decide their next tattoo via Twitter?

The hashtags have spoken. The winner, apparently, was #GMA, which represented a design dedicated to the twins' grandmother, Shirley. It was she who came up with the brothers' respective nicknames (Keef and Mook). After the Morris' childhood home was destroyed by a fire, the family moved in with Shirley. Grandmother and grandchildren developed a special bond from that time forward.

Shirley passed away last year due to cancer. The twins have her name tattooed on their right wrists, which they kiss during the national anthem before each game. Now her significance in the Morris' lives will be remembered even more.

This most recent ink job continues the twins' trend of mirror imagery. All of their tattoos are identical, which makes it even more crucial to use jersey numbers, height (Markieff is all of one inch taller) or an extremely sharp eye to tell the difference between the two.

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