Devin Booker: All-Star Media Day

by Cody Cunningham

What would you want your legacy to be?

To be the best version of myself, honestly. I’m carrying my last name Booker, obviously. I know it means a lot to my family so just being the best version of that.


Who is your pick in the dunk contest?

That’s tough man, that’s tough. A lot of talent. I like Larry Nance, but at the same time obviously Donovan Mitchell being shorter is going to look a lot better when he dunks.


With the Winter Olympics going on, if you could medal in a Winter Olympics event, what would it be?

I snowboarded a little bit growing up actually, but I’m not getting in the half pipe. I can’t do anything like that. I’m no Shaun White.


You’re in Hollywood. If you had a movie about your life, what would it be called?

Ah. Book’s Book?


If you could choose three players from All-Star Weekend to play a round of golf with, who would it be?

Steph Curry, for sure. I heard he’s very good…All I know about is Steph being a golfer. I don’t know about anybody else.


Do you consider yourself one of the best shooter’s in the NBA?

Of course.


It’s Davon’s (Booker’s brother) birthday. Did he ask for anything for his birthday this morning?

He didn’t ask for anything. I think he’d like me to bring back the trophy though. Shout-out to my brother. Happy birthday.


How was Mexico when you visited us?

It was great. It surprised me honestly. Their support for the game was unbelievable. When I left there, I gained a lot of fan support and that’s something I want to maintain forever.


What do you remember from your 70-point game?

I remember it about everyday. People always talk about the 70-point game. For me, it’s a special point in my career. I feel like it was a start where people learned my name. Now, for me, it’s just taking it to the next level.


How would describe heating up and being in the zone?

It’s hard to describe. It’s hard to have words for it. It’s just something that happens honestly. For me, you get caught in the zone and you just feel like you’re in your home gym just playing.

How do you know you’re on fire?

When every shot is going in.