Angels' C.J. Cron Homers Twice to Win Suns Season Tickets

by Cody Cunningham

Angels’ first baseman C.J. Cron only had ten home runs this season heading into Tuesday night’s game, but after a monstrous performance, he managed to become the newest Suns SixthMan member.

Cron’s teammate Mike Trout challenged him to hit two home runs against the Oakland Athletics. The prize for the bet? Phoenix Suns season tickets.

Cron attended Mountain Pointe High School in Arizona and grew up a huge Suns fan. So this wasn’t a challenge he was going to let slip away.

With a three-run shot in the first inning, Cron already had one of two home runs with eight more innings left to play. It took until his final at-bat for him to launch a ball 427 feet to center and seal the win for his team and the tickets for himself. 

“Trout told me if I hit two homers tonight he would get me season tickets for the Suns,” Cron said. "So I think I just won a couple thousand bucks and I’ll be going to all the games. I’m pretty pumped about it.”

Yeah C.J., we’re pretty pumped about it too!