The Suns’ Nike City Edition uniform reveal featured an array of flashy elements, including players pulling up in luxury cars, an intimidating scorpion in its desert habitat and the Gorilla waving a giant flag atop South Mountain. Yet The Valley launch video also teased a surprise companion to the jersey, when a pair of Nike shoes walked across a center-court logo with the same lettering and mantra as the uniform’s top. The Valley court debuted for the Suns’ Dec. 29 dominant win over the New Orleans Pelicans, and will be used every time they wear the black alternate jerseys inside their transformed home arena. It is another way to tell The Valley’s story rooted in passion, swag and pride for where the Suns and their fans call home. “The Valley is special, and this just adds one other brand extension for us,” said Brooke Campbell, the Suns’ VP of Marketing & Brand Strategy. “It’s not just about the jersey. ‘We are The Valley’ is a movement.” This is the first time the Suns have utilized a full alternate court, which the NBA allows with approval to complement each team’s range of jersey colors and styles.  The Valley court, designed by Suns Director of Creative Chris Grasha, features stark black paint used for the center logo, the restricted area at each end of the floor, the 3-point arcs and other markings. Yellow trim pops from the lane and out-of-bounds lines. “Phoenix Suns,” along with the iconic sunburst logo, stretches along the baselines. A pixilated sky gradient, representing Arizona’s stunning sunrises and sunsets, runs down both sidelines. 

Note: The Suns began the 2020-21 season without fans in attendance at home games at Phoenix Suns Arena. For more information, click here