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L.A. Lakers' Triangle Offense

Click here or on the play diagram above to see how the Lakers have implemented the vaunted triangle offense.

L.A. Lakers' Triangle Offense
We take a closer look at how the Lakers run the triangle offense.
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Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant's recent reunion has signaled the return of LA's Triangle offense. The return of the triangle has give the Lakers structure and positioned the players on the floor where they can be most effective.

Bryant has been unstoppable offensively while scoring both from the perimeter and the post.

The Play
After transition, the Lakers set the offense. Chris Mihm (31) sprints to the left side of the lane while Bryant (8) cuts to the strongside block. Laron Profit (9) passes to Lamar Odom (7) and makes a shallow cut to the right corner.

The Lakers are now set in the triangle, where spacing is key. Bryant, who is a threat from either the perimeter or the post, sets up on the block. Odom passes to Profit.

Bryant seals the defender who tries to prevent No. 8 from catching the ball. Profit throws a lob to Bryant, who spins, makes the catch and finishes.