2020 NBA Draft Profile: Leandro Bolmaro

06/04/2020 at 12:06pm

Leandro Bolmaro
6’7  |  SF/PG  |  19.6  |  FC Barcelona  |  2000

4.8 0.67 12th 39% 21% 6%

Leandro Bolmaro is a lanky, versatile forward who was thrust into action with Barcelona’s first team this season flashing intriguing potential as a facilitator in limited action at a high level.  A bit of a late bloomer whose breakout performance came at the 2017 FIBA U17 South American Championship where he averaged 13.8 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 2 assists per game, Bolmaro got his first opportunity to compete at the professional level with Weber Bahia in his native Argentina.  Competing in the 2018 Nike Hoop Summit, Bolmaro subsequently signed with Barcelona but has spent much of this and last season with their second team in the LEB Gold and Silver.  He averaged 10.4 points and 2.7 assists per game last year in the 2nd Division where he figured to play much of this year before injuries forced him into action in the EuroLeague and ACB.  Providing valuable minutes as a point forward, Bolmaro averaged 3.2 points and 1.8 assists over just 11.2 minutes per game displaying an advanced feel for the game against quality competition amid standout performances in the 3rd Division.

11.2 3.2 1 1.8 36% 27% 83% 0.9 0.2 1.1 2

  • Standing 6’7 with a 185-pound frame that has a lot of room to improve and a 6’8 wingspan, Bolmaro is not especially rangy for a forward, but has excellent size for a facilitator.  He is not especially explosive but plays extremely hard and has an advanced feel for the game.

  • Playing on the ball quite a bit in his minutes with Barcelona’s first team this season,  Bolmaro is a gifted, unselfish passer whose size, craftiness, and ability to play at different speeds give him budding ability as a playmaker.  Making set shots at a solid rate with improving mechanics on a higher volume of attempts and finishing creatively in a bigger role in the Spanish 3rd Division, Bolmaro has a promising offensive skill set and a willingness to fill a niche.

  • A heady defender with nice size and an intensity beyond his years, Bolmaro held his own in his first real taste of elite competition.  He has good instincts in the passing lanes, even if he would benefit from getting stronger.

Shot Chart

PlayType Analysis

  • Serving primarily as a playmaker in his minutes in the ACB, almost two-thirds of Bolmaro’s involvement offensively came in the pick and roll.  A savvy player who set up Barcelona’s offense like a veteran, he is not overwhelmingly quick with the ball, but makes some creative passes, reads the game well, and takes what defenders give him off the dribble.  Scoring 0.87 points per pick and roll possession [68th percentile], his size is a plus when he is able to get downhill, and he tossed in several pull-up jump shots to make defenses pay for focusing their attention off the ball.

  • Possessing soft touch, Bolmaro forced little from the perimeter in his minutes in the EuroLeague but was able to fire-away in LEB Silver play.  A capable set shooter, he has smoothed out his mechanics some since he emerged as a prospect even if the way he does not always finish his shot the same way still effects his consistency.   Scoring 0.87 points per jump shot in the half court [40th percentile], his ability to develop into a more reliable perimeter threat could simplify things for him on the offensive end.

  • Using both hands effectively as a finisher, Bolmaro does not create a high volume of attempts inside, but moves well off the ball, sets up his drives effectively, and uses fakes to create angles inside.  An opportunistic slasher, he may not explode to the rim when he gets downhill, but does a nice job finishing high off the glass.

  • Playing an unselfish style, Bolmaro forces next to nothing offensively as he is constantly looking to make the right play displaying unusual patience for a player with relatively little high-end experience.

Pick & Roll Transition
26.5% 0.87 68th 19% 1.167 58th

Spot Up Hand Off
12.7% 0.75 22nd 7.9% - -

Defensive Analysis

  • Possessing good size and playing with great energy, Bolmaro is a competitive defender with little quit to his game. Though he faced a steep jump in quality of competition, he showed good instincts and fundamentals that should serve him well as his frame matures regularly getting in the passing lanes and making early rotations.

  • Doing some little things defensively, Bolmaro is still feeling his way through how to deal with elite athletes one-on-one.