1992 Dream Team: By The Numbers

By Jake Winderman

Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson. Larry Bird. Charles Barkley. Clyde Drexler. Patrick Ewing. David Robinson. Scottie Pippen. John Stockton. Karl Malone. Christian Laettner. Chris Mullin. They are each legends in their own right, but when they came together to represent the United States at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, they formed what will forever be known as the Dream Team.

On the 25th anniversary of the Dream Team winning the gold medal at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, we present 25 remarkable stats about the greatest basketball team ever assembled.

1. Chuck Daly used 0 timeouts in the Dream Team’s 8 games during the 1992 Summer Olympics.

2. The Dream Team shot 57.8% from the field in the 1992 Olympics. Opponents shot only 36.5% against the Dream Team.

3. Charles Barkley shot 71.1% from the field and 87.5% from downtown.

4. The Dream Team averaged 117.3 points per game, while only allowing 73.5 points per game.

5. The average margin of victory for the Dream Team was 43.8 points.

6. The Dream Team’s closest game was a 32-point victory (117-85) over Croatia in the Gold Medal Game.

7. The Dream Team held Angola to 48 points in a 116-48 win, their largest of the tournament.

8. Besides Christian Laettner, every player on the 1992 Dream Team roster was inducted individually into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The 1960 and 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball teams are the only Olympic teams ever to be inducted into the Basketball HOF.

9. Every Dream Team member played at a different college.

10. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were the co-captains of the team.

11. Michael Jordan set the Olympic single-game record for assists (12 vs. Germany) and steals (8 vs. Angola and Croatia) during the tournament.

12. Charles Barkley set a then Olympic single-game record with 30 points in the U.S.’s win over Brazil.

13. Larry Bird was the oldest member of the Dream Team at age 35.

14. The U.S. led opponents for 306 minutes and 54 seconds of the 320 minutes they played in total.

15. The Dream Team’s largest deficit of the tournament was 4 points after Spain jumped out to a 4-0 lead during pool play. U.S. won that game 122-81.

16. Karl Malone scored the Dream Team’s first and last points of the tournament.

17. Patrick Ewing led the team with 15 blocks during the tournament.

18. Scottie Pippen led the team in assists with 47 dimes.

19. Christian Laettner, the only collegiate player on the team, shot 90% (18-20) from the free throw line during the tournament, the highest of any player on the team.

20. It was Charles Barkley (18.0 ppg) that led the Dream Team in scoring, not Michael Jordan (14.9 ppg), who finished second.

21. Karl Malone and Chris Mullin led the Dream Team with 5.3 rebounds per game.

22. Magic Johnson and John Stockton were the only players not to play in all 8 games.

23. John Stockton was the team’s shortest player at 6’1”. The next shortest player was Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan at 6’6”.

24. The Dream Team had two 7-footers in David Robinson (7’1”) and Patrick Ewing (7’0”).

25. The average Dream Team player was 28.75 years old, stood 6’8.01” tall and weighed 224.58 pounds.