By Lauren Brill

What is the Lenovo Stat?
The Lenovo Stat shows the power of teamwork. It's a way of showing the best-engineered/best combination of players on the court. The Lenovo Stat is a plus/minus statistic that looks at the point differential when players are both in and out of the game, to see how the team performs with various combinations. The Lenovo Stat can look at a variety of combinations Ė including the best two-player, three-player and even five-player combinations for each game.

Here is a look at the top Lenovo performers through Mar. 20, 2008:

Five-Player Combination

+ 331
K. Garnett, R. Allen, P. Pierce, K. Perkins, R. Rondo
+ 230
A. McDyess, R. Wallace, C. Billups, R. Hamilton, T. Prince
+ 185
P. Stojakovic, M. Peterson, T. Chandler, D. West, C. Paul

Detroit is the only team in this group that didn't defeat Houston this past week. Both Boston and New Orleans gave the Houston Rockets a run for their money, handing them two straight losses following a 22-game winning streak. The Celtics broke the ice, ending Houston's historic run with a 74-94 victory. Next up the Hornets added fuel to the fire by defeating the Rockets 90-69.

Four-Player Combination

+ 403
K. Garnett, P. Pierce, K. Perkins, R. Rondo
+ 369
K. Garnett, R. Allen, P. Pierce, K. Perkins
+ 344
R. Allen, P. Pierce, K. Perkins, R. Rondo

Experiencing a little deja-vu? That's because the exact same combos in the precise order as last week occupy the top three spots in the Four-Player Combo category. The top Celtics quad has a +400 Lenovo Stat and a non-Celtics foursome does not appear until the sixth spot. While Golden State's Stephen Jackson, Baron Davis, Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis, who occupy the sixth slot, attempt to challenge the Celtics combos, they are only at +300. With a +100 edge, expect four Beantown players to reclaim the gold next week.

Three-Player Combination

+ 449
K. Garnett, P. Pierce, K. Perkins
+ 423
P. Pierce, K. Perkins R. Rondo
+ 417
K. Garnett, R. Allen, P. Pierce

Pierce, Pierce and Pierce, P-Squared is in each of the top three Three-Player Combos. When he is on the floor his teammates play better basketball. Not only is Pierce a 10-year vet but he has spent his entire career in Boston. He is comfortable with the city, the crowd, the court, the team and the coach. Clearly a good leader, one of The Truth's most valuable assets is not reflected in his own stats.

Two-Player Combination

+ 539
K. Garnett, P. Pierce
+ 487
P. Pierce, R. Rondo
+ 482
R. Allen, P. Pierce

Garnett and Pierce are still crowned kings of the court as they continue to hold the top spot for the best duo in the league. While winning four of their five games this past week didnít hurt their Lenovo Stat, their ability to stuff the stat sheet is what really accounts for their impressive +539 stat. Just this past week, KG scored in the double-digits for each game he played and had a double-double against Houston. Meanwhile Pierce did not look so bad himself as he had two 20-point plus performances.

One Player

+ 647
P. Pierce
+ 598
K. Garnett
+ 527
R. Allen

While each of the Celtics' big three own a piece of real estate in the top three spots in the Top Individual Player category, former NBA MVP Steve Nash is closing in on Boston's leaders. With his team in the midst of a six-game win streak, Captain Canada's Lenovo Stat currently rests at +510. In Phoenix's past six wins the athletic and intelligent point guard has logged three double-doubles. While the Suns didnít quite look like themselves when Shaq came to town, they are now finding a rhythm allowing Nash to dance his way up the ranks in the Top Individual Player category.