SpurScription Pass

Your Pass to every Spurs game for the 18-19 Season!

Be there for every Spurs regular season home game for $44.50 a month.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Purchase your SpurScription Pass using the link below.
    • The SpurScription Game Pass includes a Standing Room Only pass for all Spurs regular season home games.
    • Your credit card will be charged $44.50 at the beginning of each month.
  2. Download the Spurs App and register your pass in the app.
  3. Receive your Standing Room Only pass 24 hours prior to tip off.
  4. Use your mobile pass for entry into the AT&T Center.

SpurScription Game Pass FAQs

Q: What is the SpurScription Game Pass?
A: The SpurScription Game Pass is a new, affordable, mobile-only ticket package that provides fans with General Admission (GA) access to AT&T Center for all Spurs regular season home games.

Q: How do you use the SpurScription Game Pass?
A: Once you purchase your SpurScription Game Pass, your tickets can be found in the ‘SpurScription’ tile of the ‘Manage’ tab in the Spurs App’s ‘Tickets’ section or at on your iPhone or Android device. Use the e-mail address you used to purchase your SpurScription Game Pass to login at this link.

Q: How many SpurScription Game Passes can I buy?
A: You may purchase up to two (2) SpurScription Game Passes.

Q: Can I bring different people with me to each game?
A: Yes, if you purchase multiple passes, a different person can attend each game with you. You may use up to the amount of passes you purchased per game.

Q: How does my guest get into the game?
A: Your guest can either enter with you using the passes on your phone or you can send them their pass. To do this, simply tap the ‘Send’ button located below the pass you’d like to send and a link will be sent to your guest. Each pass can only be scanned once per game.

Q: Why do I need to use a smartphone?
A: The SpurScription Game Pass is a mobile-only program requiring smartphone technology to work. There are no printed tickets available through this program. Admission to the AT&T Center will be managed through the Spurs App or on your iPhone or Android device at

Q: Can I purchase the SpurScription Game Pass if I don't have an iPhone or Android device?
A: Not at this time, but we have a wide range of products to fit any fan’s needs. Click here to learn more.

Q: Is the SpurScription Game Pass refundable?
A: All sales are final and no refunds or exchanges can be issued.

Q: Can I sell my SpurScription Game Pass for games I do not attend?
A: No, the SpurScription Game Pass cannot be resold and your personal ticket cannot be transferred.
Q: Where can I expect to sit each game with my SpurScription Game Pass?
A: Your SpurScription Game Pass guarantees access to the AT&T Center and allows you to watch the game from any general public area within the arena.

Q: If I want to sit in a seat, can I upgrade into one?
A: Yes, you may upgrade into available seat locations at a cost which will vary based on the game.

Q: How do I access my SpurScription Game Pass?
A: Launch the Spurs App and tap the ‘SpurScription’ tile in the ‘Manage’ tab of the ‘Tickets’ section or go to on your iPhone or Android device and log in using the e-mail address you used to purchase your Pass.

Q: What if I lose the text message with my forwarded pass?
A: If a forwarded Pass is lost or cannot be accessed, simply revisit the SpurScription section in the Spurs App and resend. Additionally, you can e-mail questions to at any time for immediate support.

Q: What do I do if I need ADA seating?
A: Fans who require ADA Seating should visit Guest Services behind Section 101 upon arrival for assistance.
No problem! Shoot us a note at to receive a timely support response.