Spurs Sports & Entertainment Announces Fund for Part-Time Staff

Spurs Sports & Entertainment has announced the formation of a fund totaling over $500,000 that will ensure that the organization’s part-time employees will be paid through the end of the San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio Rampage seasons. 

“As San Antonio feels the ripple effects of the difficult decisions we have all had to make because of this global pandemic, we know that few will feel this more than the members of our community who rely on hourly and part-time employment to take care of their families,” said SS&E Chairman Peter J. Holt. “Spurs Sports & Entertainment is a values-based organization, and taking care of our entire staff – both full time and part time – was never a question of ‘if’, but of ‘how’. I’m pleased to say that after spending the last few days examining every option together, our leadership team has found a way to ensure that these invaluable members of the SS&E Family will be provided for.”