Tim Derk Takes On A New Role

Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E) today announced that Tim Derk has been named manager of mascot development for the organization. Derk, who created the Coyote in 1983 and made over 5,000 appearances in the 21 years he wore the costume, is hanging up his mascot suit and moving into the front office where he will be a valuable resource for the mascots for all three sports franchises.

“Tim Derk has touched the community in so many ways and we are thrilled that he will remain an important part of the Spurs family,” said Russ Bookbinder, executive vice president of business operations for Spurs Sports & Entertainment. “We are really excited to utilize Tim’s creative talents to elevate all of the franchise mascots to a higher level. His knowledge, humor and creativity will have a great impact on all three of our mascots.”

Derk made his debut as the Coyote on April 13, 1983. He appeared in over 1,100 games as the Coyote - while also averaging almost 200 community appearances a year - before suffering a stroke on February 13, 2004.

“I had a good run as the Coyote,” said Derk. “I left it all on the table. I danced on the ceiling, I jumped through fire and I managed to avoid wearing long pants for 48 years. Prior to my stroke I had no idea how many people I’d touched as the Coyote. Today I want to let everyone know how much they’ve helped me over the last six months. All of the support – the e-mails, the cards, folks stopping me on the street – has made me feel complete. Now I look forward to my new adventure and will work hard to make sure the Coyote stays alive forever.”

Derk will be the driving force behind the mascots for the San Antonio Spurs (the Coyote), Silver Stars (the Fox) and Rampage (T-Bone). He will recruit, train, develop and supervise the franchise mascot resources of Spurs Sports & Entertainment. Derk will maximize the community access and value of appearances while providing the most creative and respected image of the mascots in the public. He will also be an active member in the community making personal appearances throughout the city to share his unique story.