Coyote Named Best Mascot Of The Year

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    The San Antonio Spurs Coyote has been named best mascot of the year, for 2005, by The Spurs organization presented the award during the Spurs vs. Rockets game at the AT&T Center, on Sunday, March 12th.

    The Coyote has been the San Antonio Spurs’ mascot for 23 seasons, and is now one of the most recognizable faces of the organization. “We take a lot of pride in all areas of organization, including Game Operations,” said Don Costante, director of game operations and promotions for the San Antonio Spurs. “The Coyote is a big part of game presentation, so it means a lot to us that our mascot is deemed the #1 mascot of all sports.”, a website created in 1998, serves major sports organizations both at the professional and collegiate level. The website offers suggestions for promotions, music and video features, as well as a full dictionary of industry terminology. The website is only one of two in the nation that offer yearly game operation awards. The Best Mascot award considers creativity, enthusiasm, and value to the community. Mascots from all levels and kinds of sports are eligible for the award. “The continued success of the Coyote character is a true testament to both the performers and the Spurs organization,” said “The Coyote is a model program and a true legend in San Antonio.”

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