Kawhi Leonard Trophy Tour Blog

Writing this blog is Spurs basketball communications coordinator, Mitch Heckart. Mitch began with the Spurs in the PR department in April of 2012. A native Oklahoman, the 28-year-old had never been out of the continental United States prior to the #SpursTrophyTour. Follow his journey this summer with the Larry O’Brien Trophy as it visits 2014 NBA championship teammates around the world in their hometowns.


Kawhi Leonard was next up to host the world-traveling Larry O'Brien Trophy in the 'Sunshine State' of California. First up on the agenda was a brief two-day stay in San Diego where Larry hung out while Kawhi underwent his normal offseason workout regimen. As the weekend approached, the 2014 Finals MVP brought the trophy to his personal basketball skills camp in Moreno Valley. As was the case with the previous camps on the #SpursTrophyTour, campers had the opportunity to take photos with Larry, as well as execute a few rubs to his shiny head (for good luck?).

All campers donned Kawhi's No. 2 Silver and Black jersey while working on fundamentals at the day-long camp. Kawhi also participated in a few competitions with the kids. I've never seen so many hands rise as fast as when Kawhi asked the group who wanted to be on his team.

Also making an appearance at the camp was Spurs assistant coach Ime Udoka. Udoka took time to speak to the campers about the importance of teamwork, perfecting fundamentals and always listening to their parents, coaches and teachers in order to succeed both on the court and in life.

Next up, the Larry O'Brien Trophy will visit France, the home country of Mr. Boris Diaw. Beware Eiffel Tower, Larry is ready for his photo op.

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