Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Warriors

April 2, 2014

(On Kawhi Leonard embracing the role of a defensive stopper…)
“I think he’s taking pride in what he’s doing. Just like Bruce (Bowen) did. He realizes the impact it can have on our team and how important it is to help us winning games. Maybe in the beginning he didn’t get it quite the same way, but when he sees the guys he’s guarding and how important they are to their teams and if he can limit them or make them work hard to some degree, he realizes how important it is to our team.”

(On the importance of a record-breaking winning streak…)
“Records and strings, they don’t mean anything. What we care about each game is how well we play. If that’s your goal and focus, usually that will bring more wins than losses considering everything else to be equal. Strings, records, and all of that don’t really mean anything very much.”

(On making preparations for potential first round playoff opponents…)
“I’m sure everybody has already started that. In the West it’s kind of tough to figure out who you’re going to play, so you prepare for several. Bit by bit, slowly that process has begun for all of the teams. It’s probably the top ten or so because you don’t know who is going to be where.”

(On Mark Jackson referring to the Spurs as a gold standard in the NBA…)
“It’s flattering. I guess it’s a sign of sustained success. We don’t take any of that for granted. I think since Mark has gotten there, they have certainly taken a jump, done very well, and improved year after year. It’s a matter of getting an opportunity, sticking with it, and having a group around you that can share the vision and has patience to get it done. We’ve been fortunate to have great synergy between ownership, management and coaching for quite a while. That creates an environment for players that allow them to be more successful. That’s really what has gone well for us.”

(On Mark Jackson’s experience as a color commentator benefiting him as a coach…)
“It probably makes him more aware of players, but he was a point guard. He was a player. He saw a lot. He played for really good teams and really good coaches. He didn’t need to be a commentator to know what would win or lose. The commentating I guess, he’d see so many teams that he has a good feel for a lot of players, but as far as the game is played, he already knew what that was all about.”

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