Q&A with Dell Demps on Curtis Jerrells

Ben Hunt: What was it that the Front Office liked in Curtis Jerrells to sign him for the rest of the season?

He had a good summer and he worked hard in Summer League and worked in some of our off-season conditioning and workouts, he worked his way into our training camp and played well - he just needed to develop. As he has played for the Austin Toros, he has had a phenomenal year ending up being an all-star and team leader. I think he has a bright future in front of him.

BH: As you mentioned he played very well in Austin, earning some pretty high praise as far as awards go, obviously you like what he does on the floor.

DD: Yes, and he plays both ends, offense and defense. I think he is learning the pro game. He is really good in pick and rolls now and he is a closer. He is finishing games and basically putting his team on his back and winning games in Austin. It kind of reminds me of the same things that Malik Hairston, Marcus Williams, Ian Mahinmi and hopefully it will translate into an NBA game.

BH: His position is point guard, but at Baylor he was more of a scorer. Where does he fit in as a player?

DD: I think he does a good job of mixing it up. I think that’s the hardest thing for a point guard now days. You look at some of the really good point guards in this league, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Chris Paul – all those guys put up points. I’m not going to say Curtis is in that company, but he can score as well as create shots for others. The days of the point guard setting it up and finding guys seems to be passing and now point guards have to more and more create shots for themselves and their teammates.

BH: He has the opportunity to become even more of a part of the organization. Even though he was with Austin, now he’ll be able to stay on through the summer. How do you see this helping his development?

DD: Curtis Jerrells is going to be successful. He is going to have a bright future. He is a quality person, he is a hard worker, he is humble and I think he is definitely going to benefit from this experience. I’m hoping that it will be here in San Antonio, 10 years from now when we look back on Curtis Jerrells I think he is going to have a fine career.