Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Celtics

Nov. 20, 2013

On getting extra time to practice during the week…)
“Everyone gets one or two of those periods where you get three or four days to get back to real practice. You try to go over some things you haven’t done very well or things you haven’t gone over and haven’t had time to do yet. Hopefully we used it wisely.”

(Thoughts on the Celtics this season…)
“I haven’t watched anybody. Somebody asks me that before every game, but I haven’t watched anybody except for us. I don’t know what people’s records are. I hear this and that. This team is doing well or this team is doing poorly. I haven’t sat down and scouted anybody or watched anybody because at this point in the season, there is enough to fix on your own team. If you do those things well, then you’ll be in pretty decent shape. You worry about the other guys as the season progresses, maybe in a little bit more.”

(On teams bringing in successful young college coaches…)

“I think we don’t see it enough where ownership and GMs will look and ask who is coaching well rather than what name can I bring. To actually look around the country, it doesn’t matter what level, and say this guy is doing a hell of a job right here. Or maybe from another country, whatever it might be, and Danny (Ainge) did that. He deserves a lot of credit for it.”

(On things Brad Stevens did well at Butler…)

“Good teams all have the same trademarks. It’s not like somebody owns the secrets to it. They were a disciplined team, a creative team. They were committed, they played great defense and were unselfish on offense. It’s all the same things because they win. They did it consistently year after year, game after game.”

(On advice he has for Brad Stevens…)

“He doesn’t need advice from me. He’s already a good coach in his own stead. In this league with the number of games and as talented as teams are, when you just come into the league, patience is probably a big commodity. Especially in someone’s situation who’s used to winning night after night. It’s a little bit different rebuilding a program. So patience on everybody’s part is really important. Danny (Ainge) has it and he understands the situation. All it will do is improve as time goes on guaranteed.”

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