One-on-One with Tim Kempton

Throughout the season spurs.com will celebrate the Spurs 40th Anniversary by visiting with former players, coaches and front office staff to discuss their experiences with the organization and the city of San Antonio.
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Tim Kempton, entering his ninth season as the color commentator of the Phoenix Suns radio broadcast, played for the Spurs during the 1996-97 season. Kempton took some time pregame before the Suns matchup against the Spurs on Feb. 27 to speak with Spurs.com.

On his playing days in a Spurs jersey:
“The thing I remember was David Robinson being hurt. That was one of the reasons why I was here in San Antonio. They started building what the Spurs are now. The day I was released we happened to be in Phoenix at that time. The Spurs were playing the Suns that night.”  

On playing against the Silver and Black:
“It was always fun. They always had good players. The atmosphere of the HemisFair being downtown was fun. It was a great building to play in. It was a lot of fun. You know it was always going to be a challenge against a team that was always good. It’s always easier and more exciting playing against a better team. “

On his memories of San Antonio-Phoenix matchups during the 2000’s:
“It turned into a bit of a rivalry. I wish it was more consistent. It seemed to be feast or famine. San Antonio really had the upper hand then the Suns had the upper hand. I’d rather see it go back to a rivalry with consistent competition.”

On his favorite restaurant when visiting San Antonio:
“Boudro's on the Riverwalk. I grew up on the east coast, so I didn’t know much about guacamole. If there’s ones place where I’m going to eat it, it’s down at Boudro's, where they make it fresh on the table. It’s definitely one of my favorite places.”

On what he orders at Boudro's:
“I like to switch it up, I like everything there. I really do look at the menu, up and down, but obviously the first thing I order is the guac.”

On being able to attend each stadium in San Antonio:
“When you go back to those old arenas when they didn’t have all the boxes, the fans were on top of you a little bit more. The HemisFair was unbelievable in that aspect. Then when you go to the Alamodome, things just kind of got lost. Then you come to place like this (AT&T Center), which was built to play basketball. It’s one of the fun, loud arenas in the NBA. You kind of touch all of the arenas throughout the history of the San Antonio Spurs.”