One-on-One with Chuck Person

Throughout the season spurs.com will celebrate the Spurs 40th Anniversary by visiting with former players, coaches and front office staff to discuss their experiences with the organization and the city of San Antonio.
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Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Chuck Person played with the Spurs for four seasons from 1994-98. The “Rifleman” appeared in 222 games with the Silver and Black, averaging 9.7 points and 3.9 rebounds, while shooting 40.1 percent from three-point range. Person took some time before Los Angeles’ matchup against the Spurs on Jan. 7 to speak with spurs.com.

On his time with the Spurs:
“My best experiences I’ve had as a player. The organization is first class. We were the only show in town, so it was pretty special. The fan base has always been tremendous, back then and even now. I had great teammates and two great coaches I played for.”

On playing in the Alamodome:
“That stadium was huge, the monstrosity, so to speak. I thought we had a home court advantage in there. It should have been better, but we practiced somewhere else at that time. Both of the teams had a hard time shooting in there because it was so deep and it was spacious, but it was good because we could put 30,000 fans in there and these Spurs fans are some of the best in the NBA ever.”

On his on-court memories when playing with the Spurs:
“They were all good. The four years I was here, I guess I do have one defining moment. Opening night, when the pipelines broke and it flooded the Alamodome. It was pretty creepy. The flow of the water was unforgiving. It didn’t stop, and it was pretty amazing. They got in there and got it stopped, and I don’t know if we played a game or not, I’m not sure. It was scary.”

On his favorite places in San Antonio:
“I didn’t get out a lot. I played and went home. I lived by Sean Elliott at the time, so we would see each other occasionally, walking the streets. We played tennis. Him and his wife, and me and my wife, would play tennis.

On whose family was better at tennis?
“I would like to say that I came out on top on that one.”

On the city of San Antonio:
“Although the city itself is considered one of the largest, it has such a small town feel to it. It felt like home for me. I grew up in the city of Brantley, Alabama, with about 3,000 people. To me San Antonio felt that small. People here are very nice, very humble. It was easy to get around without feeling like you were a superstar. You just felt like you were one of the people here.”