One-on-One with Stanley Blend

Throughout the season spurs.com will celebrate the Spurs 40th Anniversary by visiting with former players, coaches and front office staff to discuss their experiences with the organization and the city of San Antonio.
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Stanley Blend was one of the Spurs' first season ticket holders in franchise history after deciding against being an investor when the Dallas Chaparrals moved to San Antonio to become the Spurs. Blend is one of 96 season ticket holders for 40 seasons with the Spurs. He took some time to speak with spurs.com.

On his favorite memory at the HemisFair Arena:
“It has to be the first game “Ice” (George Gervin) ever played in. When the Spurs brought “Ice” here from Virginia, no one knew who he was. Going into that first game and seeing the stuff he did. It was so incredible.”

On his favorite memory at the Alamodome:
“It wasn’t a great venue for the fan. We saw lots of great basketball games there. It didn’t have the excitement as the old HemisFair Arena or the AT&T Center now. At the HemisFair, the fans were so close and now we’re pretty close. It just wasn’t good for the fan.”

On his favorite memory at the AT&T Center:
“It’s a great venue. My favorite memory is the first ring ceremony. I’ll never forget it. I’ll go to my grave remembering the ring ceremony. I’ll never forget it. I was standing there in my seat, section 22-row 12-seat 18 and tears were pouring down my face. That’ll always be my favorite memory.”

On what the Spurs represent?
“Character. They are gentlemen with great character and community involvement. If I had to pick one word, it would be, ‘character’. They are good people. The administration of the Spurs really have to be commended for laying the ground rule. When a player comes here, it’s almost like they know what to expect. Pop is so focused, and rightly so, on the locker room. How does this team behave, do they get along, are they friends, do they care for one another. He’s so focused on the team issues. I think he knows what sports are all about.”

On supporting the Spurs for so long:
“The people that manage the Spurs have done a tremendous job of bringing in gentlemen to the team and to the city. Men that are supporters of our town. How many cities can boast they have schools that have been started by two basketball players? These are reasons why the fans continue to support and will always support the Spurs.”