Spurs Mailbag: Manu Ginobili - Part 3

Kathryn Franks
Location: San Antonio
Question: What was your favorite event to watch at the Olympics?

MG: I went to see two events, tennis and track and field. Track and field is just amazing! The 100 yard is exciting but you can’t tell who won because it’s so fast, but the 5000 and 10000 is amazing watching these guys sprint after running for 25 minutes.

Manu Ginobili: It’s impossible to compare them. Both are huge, one on a very emotional level, and one on a very professional level. I couldn’t live without the four.

Fabrizio Pavone
Location: Bologna, Italy
Question: Hi Manu, I've been following you since 1998 (when I was six) when you played for Viola Reggio Calabria (I'm from there indeed), you made me fall in love with basketball. What's your best memory in Italy, as a Viola and Virtus player?

MG: I have so many, but probably winning the Euro league in 2001. That was the first time I won something big. After that I knew I needed to look for something else.

Location: Philippines
Question: Manu, what do you think was an advantage for you (or other players) playing in Europe before going to the NBA?

MG: Knowing the different styles of play, adjust easier, become smarter, and appreciate the game. A lot of players come to the NBA and don’t realize how good they have it in such a good league.

MG: We don’t have many new players, but Nando is a great player who’s going to be fun to watch. He loves to pass and has a lot of talent, he always adds a little spicy to every pass. Kawhi is someone who is going to play a lot and get even better.

Location: San Antonio, TX
Question: Who inspired you to play basketball?

MG: My father. He always played and we grew up in a basketball arena. When you’re five years old you follow your brothers, so they pretty much made me play. I was also very influenced by Michael Jordan.

Kiara M.
Location: Puerto Rico
Question: If you were not a basketball player, what would you be?

MG: That’s a good question. I always thought about studying accounting or management, I like numbers. At 16, I was always pretty sure I was going to play basketball though.

MG: I chose the number 6 because that was my previous number in Italy, but that was Avery Johnson’s number. I chose number 10, that was my previous number before that, but R. C. (Buford) said Speedy Claxton chose that number a week before I signed. He said please try and give me an answer by 5 pm, and it was already 2. I don’t know, I guess I just liked the number and thought it looked good.

Karlo Garcia
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Question: Hi Manu,what are the expectations for the Spurs this season?

MG: Same as every year; try and win it. Last year we weren’t the favorite but we were very close, closer than most would think.

James Cunado
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Question: Hi Manu, what do you think the Spurs need to improve on this season?

MG: We need to get better defensively, definitely. We were excellent offensively, even overachieving, but our defense needed work, and that’s our goal.

Melanie Naso  

Location: Buenos aires , La tablada           
Question: Cuando vas a ser una twitcam De nuevo? Se te extraña

MG: He estado pensando sobre eso. La idea es hacer uno antes de que comience la temporada. Mis hijos tienen de dejarme y lo ideal sería fuera de mi casa, pero intentaría hacerlo antes del final del mes.

I've been thinking about that. The idea is to do one before the season starts. My kids have to let me, and ideally it would be outside my house, but I would try to do it before the end of the month.

Marcos Loreto  
Location: Pergamino, Buenos Aires         
Question: Manu, cómo estas preparado físicamente para esta nueva temporada?

MG: La verdad es que me siento realmente bien. Me siento mejor que nunca he sentido antes. Y todavía tengo mucho entusiasmo para la nueva temporada.

The truth is that I feel really good. I feel better than I've ever felt before. And I still have a lot of excitement for the new season.