One-on-One with Dennis Lindsey

Throughout the season spurs.com will celebrate the Spurs 40th Anniversary by visiting with former players, coaches and front office staff to discuss their experiences with the organization and the city of San Antonio. Archive: Sam Presti | Dennis Lindsey
Dennis Lindsey, who is entering his first season as the General Manager of the Utah Jazz, served as the Spurs' vice president and assistant general manager from 2007-12. Lindsey's responsibilities with the Spurs included directing all of the team's player personnel matters, leading all draft-related efforts, managing the Spurs' professional, college and international scouting aspects. Lindsey took some time during pregame before the Jazz's matchup against the Spurs on Nov. 3 to speak with Spurs.com.

On working with Spurs President of Sports Franchises, R.C. Buford:

"He's very unselfish man. I think R.C.'s and Pop's mentality of getting commitment by involving all of the people that work with them is really a thing that all of us (Dell Demps, Danny Ferry and Sam Presti) that have left here can take and pass on. You get great commitment when you involve your staff and include them. R.C. is really gracious and unselfish with his time. Whether it's hosting people at the internationals or if Sam, Dell, Danny, or I have a job opportunity, he mapped it out and made a game plan for us. He was great to work with and I hope to pass down some of the lessons that I've learned over time here."

On his favorite memories off the court in San Antonio:
"It's become home for Becky (Lindsey's wife) and our four kids. There's not one moment that defines it. There are a lot of funny moments through basketball, friends and my kids' sports. The one thing that does define it is the relationships that I am able to have."

On his favorite memories on the court in San Antonio:
"Tim Duncan's three-pointer against Phoenix in the 2007-08 playoffs. That was a great moment. Watching Manu do what he does is amazing. The funny moment that didn't turn out so funny for Manu was the bat incident. Who can literally size up a bat and take it out of the air! Then he winds up getting a rabies shot. There are a lot of memories of camaraderie and team work. You feel like you're really doing this with a close group of friends. There isn't one that defines it because there was a lot of great memories."

On his favorite restaurant:

"My wife and I had a few favorite local spots. I turned vegetarian about a year and a half ago, so I like this restaurant called Green. It's a very good place for me. There are so many good meals in this city. I'm from Texas and I love my Tex-Mex."

On raising a family in San Antonio:
"We're originally from Houston and moving over to San Antonio is about as easy a move culturally as you can get. So we all view ourselves as Texans and proud Texans. My wife's dad coached for the Oilers and Becky was born in Houston. Houston, San Antonio and Texas, it is our home and it will always be home for all of us. San Antonio is just a really special place because of the diversity and that clearly carried over to the organization and how we built the team. We just love the diversity of the community. I think the kids really appreciated how the San Antonio community was and how it was good to us in many ways from schools to activities. We felt really blessed in our five years here."