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Entry #24 - Austin Daily Press: Austin

by Matt Bonner

March 18. 2010 - Yesterday we got the day off.  My wife and I got the sitter to come watch the baby and we headed up to Austin to see some bands at the South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW).  The first two bands we wanted to see were The Walkmen and Frightened Rabbit.  Unfortunately, it was a zoo.  By the time we found parking and got situated we had missed them. 

So we headed over to one of my favorite Austin establishments: Mohawk.  We met up with our Canadian friend, Amy Hersenhoren.  Amy works in the music industry and got us in to see Sharon Jones and Avi Buffalo.  We were going to book it across town to see The Cool Kids, but it would have been impossible to make it in time.  So we went to dinner, and made our way back to Mohawk for a Swedish band called "jj". 

Outside of Mohawk, I noticed a sandwich stand called the Austin Daily Press.  They were selling sandwiches for 6 bucks a pop and were making a killing off the hordes of pedestrian traffic.  I was still a little hungry from dinner so I couldn't resist.  I got the tomato mozzarella melt.  It was a simple sandwich of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and pesto sauce hot pressed between two pieces of panini bread. 

The sandwich was pretty good.  The ingredients were fresh and tasty.  My only complaint is that the pesto sauce was a little too strong… but besides that, it was delicious. 

We went into Mohawk and found a good spot to see the jj show.  Randomly, I happened to be standing next to my old friends Chris and David from the famed Gorilla vs. Bear music blog.  They do an amazing job and I urge any and all music fans to check it out. 

In addition to music, they are huge basketball fans.  We chatted about basketball.  They live in Dallas and follow the Mavs (we won't hold that against them!).

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