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Entry #10 - cafe' tu-o-tu: Washington D.C.

by Matt Bonner

I got back to our hotel in Georgetown after walkthrough and was happy to find a suitable sandwich spot right next door. Cafe' Tu-O-Tu definitely looked promising. It was a hole-in-the-wall Turkish run lunch spot with an impressive menu. I never knew Turkey was a sandwich nation, but Cafe' Tu-O-Tu had numerous wraps, paninis, and melts to accompany the more traditional Turkish fare seen and smelled behind the counter. Also, there was ethnic Turkish music playing on the stereo, which I very much enjoyed.

I decided to go with the Chicken Caprese Melt. This sandwich consisted of grilled chicken, tomato, fresh mozzarella, and a basil pesto spread. It was all hot pressed between two pieces of panini bread. I grabbed an orange-mango Nantucket Nectars and a brownie to complete my meal.

When it came time to eat, I was a little nervous because a common mistake I come across is using too much pesto. Generally, pesto has a strong flavor and when used in excess it can dominate the taste of a sandwich to the point of ruining it. Luckily, this was not the case at Cafe' Tu-O-Tu. They used just enough pesto to add flavor without taking over the sandwich. The only disappointment was the brownie. It was dry and could have been a lot better.

Overall, Cafe' Tu-O-Tu was solid. If I ever make it to Turkey some day, I'll be very curious as to whether I'll see similar sandwiches in the local cafes.

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