Help us determine the five 2012-2013 Team Up Challenge Champions! Twenty teams have already received $2500 to work on their projects. Each of the five champion teams will receive an additional $20,000 for their work and contribution to improving our community. The Team Up Challenge is a youth led service-learning initiative that encourages students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world, bringing education alive in powerful ways.

  • The MacArthur PALs, working with Silver and Black Give back, are attempting to stop and prevent bullying in school. Actively campaigning throughout elementary, middle, and high schools, our group hopes to abolish bullying by reinforcing the idea, all students are different; all students have unique qualities that shape a better society. Anti-bullying is a subject kids are taught repeatedly but not something kids necessarily take to heart. It is taught from authority figures and unfortunately never gets taken seriously.
  • The PALs designed a presentation and purchased silicon wristbands that read “you have a voice-use it” to pass out to elementary school children who pledged to and speak up against bullying and never bully.
  • MacArthur PALs actively attend Spurs games where they have been provided with a table to further promote their campaign. They asked people to write their true feelings and thoughts on why they thought bullying was bad, writing their response on a whiteboard.
  • The PALs were granted permission by the principal to gather the student body and majority of the clubs to participate in an “Anti-Bullying” lipdub, which is still a work in progress but should be completed within a few weeks.
  • If we won the grand prize we would have guest speakers to directly impact our school. We would also send representatives to a national anti-bullying conference so that our organization can learn more and reach others within our community. We’d also love to continue to serve our community through anti-bullying presentations.