Postgame Quotes/Notes - Minnesota 102, Sonics 92
February 15, 2006


On the game:
Under the circumstances, I thought we played real well in the first half. We started the game well, late in the second they ran at us and we didn't get back. We made an adjustment at halftime and we took care of that. Then we made an adjustment at halftime on the play they were running to get (Kevin) Garnett open, and we did a good job of stopping that. The second half we had a hard time getting into our offense.

On the officiating:
Ray Allen has played two straight games without shooting a free throw. You can't tell me he is not getting fouled when he is going to the basket. Rashard (Lewis) is getting fouled when he is going to the basket and he just can't get to the foul line. That is a problem. We can't get into the other team's bench. We can't get to the foul line, and we have a great free-throw shooting team. That is a concern and a frustration.

On Chris Wilcox's Sonics debut:
I thought Chris Wilcox, under the circumstances, did a great job. He didn't know the plays, he got here late and showed that he is going to absolutely help us as he gets more familiar with what we are trying to do.

On the start of the second half:
If you would go into the locker room, you would see that the first thing on the board is third quarter. I put it on there before the game because we have been losing the third quarter all year long. I have done a lot of things, trust me, to try to get us off on the right foot in the third quarter. We didn't attack them in the press very well and they took us out of our offense.

On Lewis' poor shooting night:
Every time (Lewis) caught it, they doubled him or had someone in the stopper position. He wasn't going to get any easy ones.

On the timing of the All-Star break:
What this group has been through since January 4th, they need another week after the All-Star Break. I am sure they are tired. I was hard on them for a long time and the losing wears on you... They need the break. There is no question about it.


On his inability to get to the free-throw line:
I look at the stat sheet every night, and I think it's been the last three games and I've shot the ball well and I've also put pressure on the defense to try to get to the line. Referees always assume that I'm going to shoot the ball, so they're always looking for the shot and they never watch for body contact. They never watch for the small little things that people do to try to take me out of my shot: getting bumped going to the basket, guys hitting me on my elbow when I shoot. There's just been a lot of blatant fouls missed. I just have to adjust to it.

On the Sonics:
We kind of separate when teams go at us. Recently, when teams go on a run on us, we don't respond to it. We drop our heads and it affects us in a negative way. We're all guilty of it. We splinter apart and we try to do it by ourselves offensively.


On his Sonics debut:
It's going to take time, and we've got time. Running the floor is part of my game and I've just got to keep doing that, just learn the offense. We've just got to keep learning the offense and trying to get the right rotation. It's the same. We've all got to participate, we've all got to communicate and everything will work out for us.


On the game:
I thought it was a good effort tonight. Any time you play against a team like Seattle that takes a lot of 3s, I thought we did a great job defensively of taking them out. I thought we did a better job defensively against a high-powered offense. They average around 104 points a game. We kept them 10 below their average. That has been our focus the last couple of days. We still have work to do on some things with our new guys. It's still a work in progress, but I like our group. I like the positive energy, the athleticism, our speed and quickness. We just need to continue to work and continue to get better. I think our fans will like the finished product.

On the free-throw differential:
We have been on the other side of that many times. I thought we were aggressive going to the basket and attacking their feet. We went inside against their young players and tried to get to free-throw line. That was our game plan from the beginning.

On defending the pick-and-roll:
Tonight was Mark (Madsen) and Marcus (Banks) working together and having communication. Marcus is still learning. He is a very young and talented point guard. He is still learning nuances. I remember Luke Ridnour being in his shoes when he first started getting consistent playing time, and Marcus is going through the same thing. That is why I left him out there when he made his mistakes, to let him play through it. He is learning. It's still a work in progress with our pick-and-roll schemes. The only way you will learn that is repetition. The problem is that the games come so fast and there is so little practice time.

On needing a win:
It does help the mood, the momentum and the building. Even after our losses, I like the way our team is coming together. I thought we shot the ball well tonight from the field. We got the shots that we wanted and the spacing we wanted. All those things will pay off down the road. We didn't jack up 3s. Trenton Hassell did a great job of attacking in the paint.

On Ricky Davis' defense on Lewis:
I liked his defense. I thought that would be a challenge for Ricky, guarding (Lewis) in the post. He had 25 last night. Ricky held him to eight tonight. He did a heck of a job in the post. I don't think we had to send many double-teams at him.


On the game:
You can call it pretty, beautiful, sloppy, ugly ... a win is still a win. I don't care what it looks like, a win's a win. It's better than a loss.

On slowing down Allen:
We just shadowed him. I thought Trenton Hassell did a great job of taking him off the 3-point line and making him drive. He's probably one of the best catch-and-shoot players in the league and Trenton knew that. At times when he had the ball, we tried to get it out of his hands and make some other guys make some plays. For the most part we did that. Guys would get the ball and have the green light to shoot the ball at any time. You just have to keep him under control, and Hassell did a great job of that.

On his plans for All-Star Weekend:
I don't do much at All-Star. I do some of the things that I have to do, my commitments. Other than that, I've been there, done that with the parties and stuff and enjoying the whole weekend, but now I try to enjoy the family a little more. I don't do too much. Chauncey (Billups) is going to be there; it's good to see him and Flip. I'm off my feet a lot, man. I do my commitments, but for the most part, you'll catch me in my room or chilling somewhere.

On the Timberwolves:
What you have to understand is that we're a new team. Even though we've won some games, we can't just live off of what we've done in the past. It's very, very important for everybody to understand that with new elements and just because we have talent in here, we just can't expect to walk out and let that talent lead us to wins. We do have to get repetitions together, so that's why practice time is probably more important than anything. To tell us that, 'Hey, we're losing not because of our talent, but because of small things - trusting one another on defense and things of that sort.' I just let the team know that, reiterate that, keep telling them that. The more you hear it, the more you understand it when we watch film.

On the role of the players in turning around the season:
The coaches have it in perspective of how they see it, but we're the players out there and we have to make plays. Hopefully this win tonight is a perfect example of what I've been preaching for the last couple weeks and we can carry this thing on and take this motivation over the break, take the momentum into Washington and take it one game at a time.


On the game:
It was beautiful. No matter how we get it, we get it. That's all that matters. I felt great out there to be able to get rest and stay hydrated. I just had a great feeling out there tonight. That's the key. If we can keep going to the basket real hard and get calls and get to the line, we can win some games.

On the value of Tuesday's practice:
It came into play a lot. We stopped guys on pick-and-rolls. We didn't have guys driving up our backs, so a little practice can go a long way. Hopefully after the break we'll be able to get in a little more practice and everybody can get acclimated with what we need to do.

On Minnesota's turnovers:
That team over there is a running team, and when you're running back with them you make turnovers like that. You've just got to go on to the next play and not dwell on it, I think. If you dwell on it and get mad, you keep making them, so you just stay aggressive and hopefully the turnovers go to points.

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