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Kevin Pelton, SUPERSONICS.COM | May 18, 2005
Seattle SuperSonics guard Ray Allen earned Second Team honors when All-NBA teams were announced by the league this afternoon. Allen, who previously was a Third Team pick in 2000-01, was joined on the Second Team by Dwyane Wade at guard, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett at forwards and center Amarť Stoudemire.

When Sonics Coach Nate McMillan shared the news with the team after Wednesday's practice, they applauded Allen, who thanked them for their large role in his pick.

"To me, it just solidifies being part of a winning organization, being part of a winning team," said Allen. "Individually, my input on teams over the last couple of years has been similar. We didn't make the playoffs last year, the year before that or even the year before that, so about three years now. To be a part of this team and the success we've had, it's solidified to you that any time you can make your teammates better - they play better, you start winning more games - the accolades come right back to you."

"Any time you can make your teammates better - they play better, you start winning more games - the accolades come right back to you."
Kent Smith/NBAE/Getty
McMillan also thanked the rest of his team for helping Allen.

"That doesn't happen this year without those guys," said McMillan. "They're a part of it too. Even though his name will appear on the trophy, he's just as much a part of it as they are."

In 2003-04, when he missed 26 games due to injury, Allen received only six All-NBA votes. He finished eighth amongst guards with 15 votes after the 2002-03 season, when he was traded to Seattle in February. As Allen said, his individual statistics were largely the same as those seasons, but the Sonics 52 wins and Northwest Division Championship helped Allen in the voting (as well as forward Rashard Lewis, who received 13 votes).

"It just shows what winning does," said backcourt-mate Luke Ridnour. "A lot of guys in college, they have huge numbers but they don't get drafted. It's the same thing; winning is contagious and people see winning more than individual status. He did the same thing but we won, and that made it even more special."

Guard Antonio Daniels, while saying Allen's selection was a credit to the team, also indicated the voters rewarded Allen for making his teammates better.

"He's been our leader throughout the course of the season, so just as much as we had an influence on him getting there, he had an influence on us," said Daniels. "It just doesn't get recognized as much. We're all definitely proud of him."

Allen joins eight other Sonics who earned All-NBA Team honors. The most recent of those was the player dealt to acquire Allen, Gary Payton, who was part of the Second Team in 2001-02.

Joining Allen at guard on this year's All-NBA Teams were Wade, MVP Steve Nash and Allen Iverson (First Team) and Kobe Bryant and Gilbert Arenas (Third Team).

"I think it's a great accomplishment by Allen to get there, and this team, his teammates, to help him get there," said McMillan. "He's had a heck of a year. My first question was, 'Who made First Team,' and then they told me the guards, and I could understand. That's a great accomplishment."

"That's huge, man," said Daniels. "I'm very proud of him. That's a big accomplishment; that is a huge accomplishment for him to make Second Team All-NBA."