The following letter appears in the April 18 Seattle Times, Seattle P-I and The News Tribune

Dear Sonics fans,
By now you've probably heard a good many things about me in the media and by way of the rumor mill: from the most trivial detail, (my favorite meal is steak and a loaded baked potato); to the factual, (my favorite movie is "Schindler's List"); to the completely untrue, (no, I did not buy a ten million dollar house in Woodinville!). Although all of these things are fun to talk about, I would love the opportunity to tell you something I've wanted to say for the past two months: THANK YOU! Thank you, Sonics fans for your generous hearts, welcoming me with open arms, making me feel like I belong and for adopting me as one of your own.

Growing up as a military child, I was privileged to live in many different places, but I've never been able to establish real roots. It is my hope that I have found the ground in which to lay down these roots here in the lush land that supports your Emerald City. Words cannot adequately describe the overwhelming sense of welcome and encouragement that I have felt since arriving in this area. It is my sincere wish that I can return your warm display of support by giving all that I have on the basketball court and through donating my time and passion to benefit this community.

I have been endowed with many blessings in my life and feel it is my honor and duty to devote all my available resources to enrich the lives of children and those in need. Through the years I have been fortunate to meet and share experiences with many people through my non-profit organization, The Ray of Hope Foundation. With your support, I would like to continue those efforts in my new home here!

Please know how excited I am to be a part of your thriving community and the Sonics. I cannot tell you how great it feels to be excited about playing basketball again. To be a member of such a world-class organization, a dynamic and driven team with an inspiring coaching staff feels unbelievable. They've all claimed me as their own and it's like being part of a family. This has been a thrilling two months and it's only the beginning. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous that first night in The Key, but you came out and supported us and made me feel wanted. I could not have done it without you. I will never forget that moment and will always be grateful for your generosity. Thanks Sonics fans! I hope you share my great anticipation for next season.

With sincere thanks and best wishes,