Simmons Finding Balance in the Bubble

by Lauren Rosen

Ben Simmons is adjusting well to bubble life.

From on-court strength, to off-court adventures on the water, the All-Star 76er is finding a healthy balance.

“I feel really good. I feel strong, I feel explosive, fast,” Simmons said.

Brett Brown sees what Simmons feels:

“Ben Simmons has been incredible. Really incredible, playing all over the court,” Brown said.

Outside of practice, life in Orlando has offered players a chance to lean into their off-court hobbies. For Simmons, that hobby is fishing.

“Fishing conditions are very good - a lot of largemouth bass,” Simmons said. “I fish a lot - this is what I do every day. I work out, play some video games, and fish. That’s my day-to-day routine.”

Simmons says the balance between basketball and his other hobbies has kept him in a positive space:

“I’m having a good time, just working out, getting ready for those games coming up, and using the free time to do something that I enjoy doing. So it’s been good.”

After a back injury temporarily sidelined Simmons in the spring, in Orlando, his versatility, strength, and speed have been on full display.

“He’s so great defensively,” Joel Embiid said of Simmons Monday. “And offensively… he’s probably one of the fastest guys in the league.”

“He’s so dynamic,” Brown added Tuesday.

While Simmons has enjoyed his off-court time on the water, he’s also commended rookie Matisse Thybulle’s videography skills, as Thybulle has developed his ‘Welcome to the Bubble’ vlog.

“He’s a creative person,” Simmons said of Thybulle. “He’s just great to have around. Somebody like that, especially so young, and talented in his editing.”

A reminder, Simmons says, that everyone is finding their own ways to be productive and make the most of their time inside the bubble.

“I love that he’s capturing this moment. It’s a historic moment for sports in general, so I think what he’s been doing has been great.”

Check back into for more updates from inside the bubble.


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