Project 76 Visits John F. Hartranft School

Over 125 Philadelphia 76ers staff members arrived at John F. Hartranft School in North Philadelphia on Friday morning eager to volunteer and begin the Sixers support of the Hartranft neighborhood.

Volunteers beautified the school’s walls with fresh paint and assembled classroom kits among other activities that helped prepare the school for the upcoming year.

Hartranft School Principal Jason Lytle said the volunteers brought their most valuable asset to the school, which is time.

“Days like this give our students the tools they need for their future success,” Lytle said.

According to the School District of Philadelphia, 100 percent of the students enrolled in the school last year were economically disadvantaged.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement & Volunteer Service, the volunteers were able to pack classroom kits for all 520 students who attend Hartranft School. Included in the classroom kits were Sixers educational materials, such as notebooks and folders to help the kids stay organized during the school year.

Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke stressed the importance of volunteerism and being active in the community.

“I really appreciate what the volunteers have done and their commitment,” Clarke said. “At the end of the day, with all the volunteers involved, we’re going to take this to the next level.”

Friday’s volunteer event represents just the beginning of the Sixers investment of time and resources into the Hartranft community, so the Sixers and Sixers Youth Foundation can support the many community partners in their work toward sustainable and transformational change.

Starting Fall 2017, the Sixers Youth Foundation will have three classroom-based programs embedded at Hartranft School. These programs will serve 300 students weekly and support them in the cultivation of their life success skills, such as respect, teamwork and self-confidence. All three programs will mimic the high energy and culture that defines the Sixers as a professional sports organization. 

The Sixers Youth Foundation is also proud to announce that the site of the Foundation’s first-ever outdoor basketball court renovation will be adjacent to the Hartranft School, thanks to the tremendous leadership of Council President Clarke. Without Council President Clarke, the Sixers Youth Foundation could not make this happen.

All of the Sixers and Sixers Youth Foundation support in Hartranft is possible because of the partnerships and collaborations with organizations, such as the School District of Philadelphia, PHENND, GEAR UP, Learn Fresh, Village of the Arts & Humanities, LISC Philadelphia, Parks & Recreation and others.

Strong Youth. Strong Communities. Promising Futures. SIXERS STRONG.


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